Dream with Autumn

Autumn is the completion of creation Autumn is the time of harvesting when the fruits of previous labor are gathered. In dreams, autumn signifies the fourth stage of man; the wisdom produced from previous life experiences and understandings. Autumn represents the culmination of the maturity and the preparation for a new cycle of growth. Book… Read more Dream with Autumn

Dream with Automobiles

Automobiles represent the physical body Physically, a car is a mechanical means of conveyance for transporting people and cargo from one location to another. When an automobile appears in a dream, it signifies a vehicle — a physical body — providing mobility for the thinker. The physical body is a temporary means of conveyance for… Read more Dream with Automobiles

Dream with Authority Figures

Authority Figures symbolize superconscious aspects of the dreamer The superconscious mind is the oldest division of mind. It is the part of mind closest to the Source or the Creator, thus holding the plan for spiritual maturity in man. Authority figures appearing in a dream relate to the superconscious mind of the dreamer. These aspects… Read more Dream with Authority Figures

Dream with Auras

Auras signify mental expressions of energy An aura describes the expression of energy emanating from a life form. All life forms, be they gas, mineral, plant, animal, or human, utilize energy to sustain their existence. The energy used can be perceived with mental attention as light or waves radiating from the source. For example, the… Read more Dream with Auras

Dream with Audience

Audience represents aspects of Self united for a common purpose The types of people and the reason for their gathering will indicate the individual character of the dreamer’s message. An audience of younger people gathered for a rock concert will indicate attitudes of experimentation for the purpose of harmony. An audience of executives gathered for… Read more Dream with Audience