Dream with Jesus, Buddha

You are dreaming of one of the ultimate archetypal character aspects that connects to the highest consciousness available to a human being.
In this symbol resides the ability to manifest thought into reality.
Jesus and Buddha were remarkable teachers who were able to live the principles of pure love and manifestation in a fashion that can only be described as divine in nature.
To limit this term to just these two is in no way meant to dismiss the many other prophets and teachers who have embodied this spirit.
While both of them once lived as men, they should be treated as archetypes.
Dreaming of one of them indicates that you are experiencing a high level of self-discovery and integration.
Jesus and Buddha exemplify the masculine principle at its highest level of evolution.
The masculine principle connects to the power of thought.
Through very different teachings, both of these mystics taught the concept that what you think and believe becomes your reality.
They exemplify that it is possible, through love, to experience states of bliss in this often challenging life.
The appearance of one of these great teachers in a dream is to put you on notice that you are in a moment of elevating consciousness and self-integration.
It is not uncommon for an archetypal figure to be silent in a dream, as it is the figure’s mere presence that can be significant.
If words and messages are present in the dream, take them to heart and do so literally.
However, if this is not the case, your best use of such a dream is silent gratitude for the gift of a rare and powerful experience of elevated consciousness.