Dream with Jungle

This is a symbol for exotic, foreign territory, off the beaten path.
By definition, a jungle is any land that is densely vegetative and essentially impenetrable by standard means.
Only found in tropical climates, these vast, moisture-laden habitats are isolated, mysterious, and, for most Westerners, completely foreign to our civilized mentality.
This can make for a romantic view of such a setting in a dream.
If the jungle atmosphere in your dream evoked a sense of wonder and enchantment, you may be tapping into some new and interesting territory in some area of your life.
The flip side of this coin would be this image expressing a desire for experiences that are new and different.
Your dream could be a request for life to bring you a taste of the exotic.
Jungle terrain can be quite inhospitable; with everything from deadly animals to insects carrying disease, your life could be in peril in such a place.
If this is the case, you will want to find an association with your waking life where a sense of isolation or foreign sensibility may be causing you fear or stress.
The rainforests are the lungs of Mother Earth and are responsible for much of the oxygen that is released into our atmosphere.
As we continue to decimate these precious resources, we put our very existence in jeopardy.
Whether you consider yourself an advocate for saving the rainforests or not, you are connected to every inch of our planet through the collective unconscious.
Your dream may be representing the callous destruction of resources, both globally and in your personal life.
Consider both when forming your interpretation.

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