Horoscope Leo 2018

Predictions Leo 2018

A good Year is predicted for you. This year will be characterized by increased responsibilities and spending money on acquisition of assets and luxury goods. Eligible Leo natives will tie the knot in the first half of the year.
Happy occasions will be celebrated in the family that will bring much joy. Avoid confrontations from March to July. Health will be excellent for most part of the year barring second half of March, April and May.
In the first half of the year your energy level is quite high and the diseases will pass aside. It is advised to be more careful in the trips and also take cautions while driving in January, March and April. In the second half of the year the restrictive Saturn is moving through Libra, and that requires special attention to the health. In November you are probable to have acute conditions or some unexpected illnesses. If it will be so, do not hesitate about treatment and address a good doctor, having excluded a practice of self-treatment.

In the first half of the year your circle of acquaintances will be extended. This year promises interesting contacts, flirtation and a pleasant society for single people, and those looking for romantic adventures. You will probably have a love affair with a person arrived from some distant place, or you’ll be lucky to meet your soul mate in a trip. These events are likely to happen in January, February, June and August. If your romance began last autumn, it will have good prospects and will be successfully continued. It foretells problems with relatives in the second half of the year, as you may fail to meet their expectations, or to fulfill your obligations. Those working together with relatives will face a lot of problems, claims and disagreements. The second half of the year is quite unfavorable for the majority of married couples. All the existing problems will crop up, what will cause quarrels and conflicts. Married couples are probable to organize a move to a new house, another city or country. Naturally, this immense activity will bring much trouble and anxiety to a family life.
Increase in earning sources clearly predicted July onwards. Expenses will be there but on auspicious things and luxury items. Feburary, March and August is the right time to make gains on the stock markets. Debts will be realized this year.

In the first half of the year you are to make important decisions, to take responsibility, to develop the business, getting more and more acquaintances. Especially valuable will be connections with overseas partners; however cooperation won’t go smoothly and will bring a lot of trouble. Businessmen will consider starting a new business in another city or country and will be finally successful. Many problems are possible to appear on this way, and you are to make the most of your potential to solve them. Among difficult points it mentions extreme interest of control powers to all the activities and undertakings. Inspections and checking will become a constant background of the professional life. You are to consider it and to take all necessary preventive measures beforehand.

An employee will be in the center of intrigues of his colleagues, but in the first half of the year his position is strong, and all enemy attacks will be repulsed with honor. However, in the second half of the year you have to face a different situation, as you’ll see immense changes happening in your company, as a result of which your positions will shake. In a more difficult case, you’ll have to think of a new job or starting your own business. At the same time this year you may face considerable complication of entrepreneurial activity. You will probably have some misunderstanding with one of your partners, which will introduce the necessity to pide spheres of influence, and maybe business itself.
Your financial status is quite positive. You may believe that earnings will be stable, as most charges will be quite rational and predictable.

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