Horoscope Virgo 2019

Virgo predictions 2019

Virgo natives will start this year thinking deeply about the place he is in, not only within their affective group, but in the world. Even though it is not an essentialy prone to existential questions, 2019 will be a period of changes and asking structural questions. Since the beginning of the year you will begin to feel the first effects of curiosity, but it will be in the last months of the year when they really feel it is time to move on in several fields.
During 2019, Virgo will receive the visit of the Sun, Mercuy and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

The year will start in a very favourable way, and with great opportunities. The intense planetary presence from another earth sign means a harmonic, joyful and positive summer. During February and March, with planets of the other side of Virgo’s horoscope, it will be possible to feel the personal power decreases, but love and social life will grow much stronger. It will be the opportunity of perfecting the social gifts of the sign. Autumn is the moment to rethink the kind of life you are living and the one you desire to live. Even though Virgo natives are very intelligent, they also analyze things too much, complicating themselves in their actions many times. That is why this years they should focus in searching simpler and easier solutions.

The challenge impliese leaving old beliefs and preestablished positions behind, and penetrate in the waters of the unconscious. The rational and realistic nature of the sign will favour them in order to not cheating and discover what is the needed internal work to get over weaknesses, establishing new objectives and strengthen themselves in order to reach their goals.
From the beginning of the year and until July, the influence of Jupiter will favour the expansion of social life, being the connection with friends the responsible of living it. It will be possible to know a person that will act as a spiritual guide.

Jupiter in the XII House, the fields of life related to success and the things beyond life, indicates a deep faith in the good will and a great interest in the spiritual dimension of existance. It leads to the search of truth and the purpose of life itself. Meditation, calm, musica or art can be the paths that lead to that world.

Mercury, regent planet of the sign, will enter Virgo on August the 15th, and its movement will end on September the 2nd. This will be great days to execute paperwork, inteviews and reach good agreements. Mercury benefits communication, journeys and business. During 2019, this planet will move in a retrograde way three times: From February the 6th to the 28th, from June the 7th to July the 1st and from October the 2nd to the 25th. In this three periods of the year (February, June and October) it’s possible that some matters get delayed or not go as expected, it’s an ideal time to rethink plans and think about the path to follow.

The Sun will enter Virgo on August the 23rd and will end its movements on September the 23rd. During this period, the natives’ potential will be in its highest peak. With the arrival of the birthday, a feeling of ending an experience will appear. Some events may suddenly change the way you think and understand the world, and you will be on the verge of a new cycle. It will be positive not to hold on to the past. Certain things, conditions or people will walk away, as they are no longer needed in order to keep moving forward. Avoiding feelings of loss, being tolerant and uninterested and focus youself in the future.

It will be the beginning of a really favourable period, be sure to make the most out of it. The return of the Sun represents a time of renewal and ideal strength to begin new projects and making the bonds tighter; a new vital and creative cycle will give Virgo the oppotunity to solve pending matters. The work will be more productive because it will improve the way in which you organize time. New domains may become real perspectives. It is important that you don’t disown the ambition that characterizes you, because that will be the great motor in order to accomplish the most important goals.

This will be a really good period for the natives’ activities, as far as they make the most out of their new mental energy, on which they will lean in order to progress, and don’t isolate themselves.

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