Horoscope Aquarius 2019

Aquarius predictions 2019

A series of offers and opportunities will allow the sign's natives to leave behind unsatisfactory previous periods. 2019 will be a great year to execute all kinds of associations or boost those existing, as luck will reach many this way. Natives will be provided with a powerful ability to interest and convince the right people, and it's possible that in the beginning of the year, a fortuitous event gives them advantage over everybody else. This will be a year of progress, but it will be necessary to take responsibilities and organizing time correctly.

During this year, Aquarius will receive the visit of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

Aquarius natives will feel attracted to adventure and expansion, and they will have to know how to use that attraction correctly. At the same time, an important structure with which they must build the new basis of the future will emerge.

They will start the year with many projects to face and execute. As they will be more willing to fight for their independence and spare time, they will make an effort in order to satisfy all demands, and they will even be able to excel. They will count with enough energy to conquer all their dreams: 2019 will be a great year for Aquarius.

During the first months of the year, they will be prepared to start some activity they like and have been thinking of doing for a long time. Year of changes and progress opportunities that must be made the most of. The ability of work will be strengthened and they will know how to act quickly and in the right time. Jupiter will provide benefits in the labour field and economy, allowing to access to a better quality of life, having more comforts and modernize the home or the place of work. The positive impulse of the most benefic planet, during the first half of the year, will allow Aquarius' natives to perform interesting commercial activities, make better decisions and travel.

During this period, it will be a good idea to establish relationships and new contacts that will be beneficial in the future. Those who look for a job or a change should pay special attention to all the opportunities that appear. It will also be a time to execute personal plans. Since January the 24th, when Jupiter continues with its direct movements, and until the middle of June, life will seem to be renewed. The possibility of traveling because of work will bring great satisfactions.

The harmonic position of Mars moving through the IX House, from the beginning of the year and until the end of June, impulses Aquarius to the adventure and action. In some cases there will be an active participation in cultural, educative or politic institutions. This may be the case, for example, of students that assist to universities and are involved in political activities, or try to make a cultural change in an active way, trying to impose their own religious opinion. They will use all of their energies in order to widen their minds and looking for new experiences. The sector of profession is full of Saturn's experience and the demands may be multiplied. For those who are unemployed, this may mean a hard search, but also getting a place of work much safer than what they expected. Saturn's influence may also provide the opportunity of choosing a place to be and assume the control of the own life.

Professional life will depend on karma or fate with little freedom to choose, but many things to learn. The X House represents material orientation and learning. There may be someone above you telling you what to do. But learning under this circumstances will be an extremely valuable lesson.

The old way of thinking, communicating and seeing will change suddenly: It will be key in this moment to maintain mental flexibility in everything, it's a waste of time to look for security, as the feeling of not being able to count on anything and keeping on being flexible will be the main feeling, and will allow you to live new and unexpected experiences. Daily life will become more intense, and the communication with others, more important. Aquarius natives will feel in this period very stimulated by thoughts that probably have something to do with siblings, friends, neighbors or associates. They will also feel attracted by matters related to electronics, communication, research, Astrology or occultism. This is a marvelous time to write or give lectures on this matters.

With Pluto moving through the XII House of Aquarius, the subconscious' regeneration is the key to acquire a penetrating perception of its deep operations. This is an excellent moment for intuitive research of past lives and meditation. The most important aspect of this movements is the psychological side, as parts that were deeply buried in the unconscious will rise in order for us to fight them. It's impossible in this moment to hide some characteristics.

Certain patterns of childish behaviors that Aquarius must heal in order to turn into adults can clearly be seen. Be sure to face this hidden and disgusting aspects of life and the past in a honest way, without feeling guilty. You will be surprised realizing everything can change if we are honest with ourselves. With Pluto in their backs, the structures, fears and darkness carefully saved in the unconscious will begin to move, generating in many cases some uncertainty. This is truly a position that send us to the depths of our mind, it's important in this cases not to be excessively isolated and redirect the energy to spiritual or therapeutic activities. It's about a slow process, and also very subtle. Pluto will remain in this place for many more years.

From July onwards, Jupiter's change of sign, entering the sector of relationships, will provide a time of associations, both in work and in the sentimental field. This position will be extended until next year's August, marking a time of growth and learning regarding the way in which to relate to Aquarius.

Mars will enter the sign in the last part of the year, with a huge amount of energy and a great will that, if well directed, will allow to execute any project.

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