Horoscope Aries 2019

Aries predictions 2019

Everything is changing for Aries for a while already. Focused in new experiences, perceptions and feelings, the planetary influence the first sign of the Zodiac will receive this year suggests a change, an important transformation in several aspects of life. It is time to live in a different way, breaking prejudices, accepting new challenges, reinventing yourself and enjoying of the renewal life proposes. The planets will bring a new way of looking, that, from their position, will lead every son of Mars to see the world in a different way. The challenge is to adapt to the new things while following your own internal guidance, that makes no mistake.

During 2019, Aries will receive the direct visit of Uranus, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The other planets will influence in the sign from different places of the Zodiac.

Uranus' presence in Aries the whole year will produce certain events that will end up being the main allies when it comes to reaching the goals you yearn for, also allowing to free yourself of everything that has already expired. Uranus is the planet of changes, the big alarm clock for the conscience, providing mind opening, more independance and a strong desire of freedom. The most organized amongst the sign may go through several crisis as a result of resisting to the changes this influence proposes, feeling confused or angry. But, those who let themselves be guided by the new airs in their lives will acquire a more genuine freedom and accomplish deep changes that will end up bringing extraordinary benefits.

The attempts to distinguish yourself will be incessant, many will find in this period of time your true vocation and the beste path to develop your own talents. The influence of Uranus in Aries marks a period of discoveries and personal fulfillment, and at the same time, the need for more independence. It's a mobilising energy, leading to the awakening of nature, the acknowledgement of your own values, resources and vocations. It’s a revolutionary moment in life that, as long as it is accepted with joy, can lead to the best of destinies.

Mars, for most of the year, will move within the VII house of Aries, bringing up one of the most challenging moments of the year. It will go from January to July and may present some anger or fights; specially when this planet is in retrograde movement, between March the 1st and May the 20th. It is possible for natives to feel things don’t go the way they are supposed to, or that they depend on other people. However, this is actually a perfect time to change certain personal attitudes that may damage or complicate relationships in general. From July the 26th onwards, when the red planet changes its sign, you will feel relieved and be able to see the results of what you have worked in the previous period. The second half of the year will stand out because of the personal freedom and the way planetary influence will make things easier in every way.

The Sun will reach Aries in March, and with him, a new period of prosperity and progress will begin. In April, Mercury will join the Sun in the sign, marking a good moment to start projects, processes and everything related to communication, journeys and paperwork.

Venus will move through Aries during May, which enables to foresee a period of improvements regarding relationships, art, esthetic and general well-being. This month will be key in every aspect possible.

Jupiter, since the beginning of the year and until July the 15th, settled in Aries' VI House, will promote journeys and stretch the bonds within the family. From July the 16th onwards, the enormous and benevolent planet will enter one of Aries' closest signs, Leo, starting a time of expansion, economical improvements, creativity, love and joy.

This year Saturn will move through the VIII House of Aries, area of life related to investments. In this aspect, the natives must be careful, as things may be delayed in certain moments, but the final result will be as expected. The planet of the rings offers both stability and structure, but only in exchange of effort, sacrifice and compliance with the responsabilities. During the following years, Aries natives must become aware of everyone else’s values, learning to live alongside them and assimilate them in a constructive way, without destroying their own individuality.

It is in the VIII House where the biggest changes in life happen, the transformation of old values and ideas you will now leave behind. It is a period in which old habits end and the desire of going through a rebirth is born. In this period, financial, sexual, psychological or spiritual dimensions may acquire a protagonic place in life, while pressure forces us to discipline the emotional attachments. It is the fundamental in life, the essential experiences. Many people will also be able to focus in the realities that are essential to the soul, death and beyond. This is the ideal moment to give more importance to intimacy and the way sexual energies work within you. In some cases this may be a period of sexual frustration that force the native to be more disciplined and able to control himself. In other cases, the individual will consciously stop certain activities or sexual overflows, acknowledging the importance of maintaining sexual strength within itself, unless it is used with a healing and constructive purpose. Many people are devoted to occultism, spiritual practices or researching.

Neptune, which will be really present in this sign during the whole year in the XII House, marks a really important moment for spiritual developments of the natives. This great planet invites to search trascendental aspects of the existance, to go deeper in symbolic knowledge and doubt many of the things that seemed unquestionable until now. It will also awaken a more compassive and humanitarian side. That is why Aries natives will be clearly favoured by retirements, as they will need to spend time alone to meditate and think. But, they must be alert, seeking to be healthy in a global way and avoiding attitudes such as self compassion.

For Aries, 2019 will be a dinamic year in all aspects of life. It is a year full of starts, trancision and positive changes that will allow the natives to focus in life from a new point of view. Many objectives will be accomplished and they will know how to grow in spirit.

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