Horoscope Cancer 2019

Cancer predictions 2019

Renewal of the daily life. Almost without realizing, in 2019 the Cancer's natives will begin countless little activities that will totally change, when the year ends, their daily lives and their little parts. The long process of changes that Cancer has started in previous years will produce a huge progress. Learning to improvise and paying attention to each area of life: Newa will appear in all of them.

During 2019, Cancer will receive the visit of Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

This year will partially belong to Cancer. Jupiter's presence in the sign from several months (until July the 16th) will begin a period full of opportunities and the beginning of a new cicle of personal and social development. It is important, as it happens only every twelve years and marks a period of optimism and the possibility of experiencing a stroke of luck, that may appear in any field: Love, work, journeys, etc. This planet leas to an expansive wave, providing an optimistic vision towards the future, making the conquer of the biggest ideals Cancer's sesitive soul can harbor. With Jupiter, the sign will have an extra dose of protection and good luck in everyhting.

It will be easy to make the necessary changes in order to reach the desired objectives, so you must plan them carefully. Period to learn more about your own behaviour and how to handle posessions. To cope with the material world may be benefitial for self-understanding. Because of this, it is a great period for investing money or acquiring posessions, for both joy or investment. In general, economy will be improved, this may be related to a salary raise, a loan or a noticeable improvement of the conditions. Cancer natives will feel generous during this movements, and will know how to share the good things this period has saved for them. Solidarity in every aspect of life.

With Saturn in a close sign for the whole year, this period will be marked by everything related to romantic alliances and children; it is a period of stability that will provide an increase in responsabilities. In the event of a romance, this may include falling in love with a mature, older or economically solid person. It is also possible that someone with whom you have had a relationship in the past reappears in your life. This moment provides and shapes creative ideas, benefitting artists, musicians and actors.

It is also possible for the natives to find themselves, unconsciously, avoiding the people who could help them, because of fear to confrontation. However, things done properly come with their rewards. Saturn's tonic favours the ideas that have started to be executed. The V House is the sector related to children, work, love and luck. This may be about sons settling down, more solid romances and creativity that is transformed into concrete things; of a luck that has to go through the "colador" of experience.

The year will start slowly, even heavy in a way. The retrograde movement of the gigantic Jupiter during January, combined with the intense opposition of several planets, may delay some things. It will seem as if starting things is more difficult, or that many things depend on other people. Make the most of this period to review and rethink plans, connect with yourself and, if possible, going on a trip. Being in contact with nature and water, will do a lot of good to the sensitive and delicate souls of the sign. From February onwards, you will be more enthusiastic and energic and will begin to feel benefitted.

From July the 13th and until August te 15th, Mercury will move through the sign, providing more intelligence, an excellent communicatino and empathy with the environment, favouring business, journeys, agreements and paperwork. Venus will enter Cancer in July and August, reinforcing a time of harmony, joy and general wellbeing. Some initatives in a social or romantic field may even be started. Interest in all artistic, romantic or social matters, and with personal and creative self-expression. This is a good time to get personally involved in business related to art, music, spectacles or public relations.

Mars' position, in the sector of home, from the beginning of the year and until the end of July, marks a time of lots of activity in that regard. Emotional problems may emerge because of subconscious memories of past experiences. Problems and emotional confrontations withing the family may also appear, and this could provoke bad digestion. This is a moment in which take into consideration the needs and feelings of other members of the family is specially important. On the other hand, this will also be a favourable moment regarding executing projects of construction and improvements in your house, however, it is adviceable not to choose sharing the same house with relatives while this works are being done. To live with your parents may be specially difficult for Cancer in this moment.

It may also mean disputes over properties. But if this energy is used in a possitive way, it may be the perfect moment to take care of pending family matters and begin repairs in your house. From July the 26th onwards, Mars will leave the sector of home and begin its movements through a close sign to Cancer. The relief grows, and the tension begins to decrease.

Uranus, high in Cancer's sky, promises extraordinary or unconventional experiences in the professional or public life. This years, it will be about liberating changes regarding the place of work. There will be news in that aspect, and many Cancer natives will find their true vocation.

Neptune, harmonic from another sign of water, is marked by incredible profetic intuitions regarding future cultural tendencies, and also mystical practices and lessonss from other cultures. In fact, in this period, Cancer will be given the opportunity of having inutive experiences of spiritual realities. They may even go on long trips searching for spiritual lessons and cultural enrichment. 2019 will be, for Cancer natives, a time to learn and be grateful for the litte miracles in life, and the way they have grown up.

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