Horoscope Capricorn 2019

Capricorn predictions 2019

The new year will be a meaningful time, with deep transformations. Capricorn natives will be able to end everything that has been negative for their lives. A very important reward will show them that their work and efforts haven't been useless. New doors will be opened and there will be many people starting a couple's life. Venus influence, visiting the sign in two opportunities, will lead them to defeat the lack of trust, and this will benefit relationships in general. The matters of the heart will start to grow, and what seemed far or impossible will begin to turn into a beautiful reality.

During 2019, Capricorn will receive the visit of Pluto, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

A bigger personal evolution will allow them to accept the changes that, silently, Pluto has been producing for a long time transiting this sign. The planet of big transformations, that will sit in the sign for the whole year, with its unmatchable strength, is capable of stirring stories of the past that seemed to be solved, and will now demand to be reviewed.

The influences of Pluto are historical and will continue for several more years. Due to this, that symbolic death for the posterior regeneration this planet marks, as a Phoenix, implies a process of deep transformation in which to be careful and conscious about what is the personal fight, and specially, what should be discarded and what projects, objectives, relations, etc. You want to begin. The challenge must not be avoided, as they will also count on the benefic energy of several planets that will support them in this process.

The intuitions of this sign's natives will be beneficial and allow to get over obstacles, win fights and increase the creativity. At the beginning of the year, advancing carefully will be necessary. It's not a good time for changes, signatures or big projects. After that, it will be a moment to organize some things, clean life from negative influences and close old matters. Slowly, natives will begin feeling the harmonic energy of the planets and their lives will shine.

Mars' presence in the professional sector will mobilizes the 10th sign in a positive way, helping to notice what they have been saving for years. It will be an ideal time to face new challenges, and they may even be surprised to see everything they can achieve. Trusting their talents and possibilities will be the key for increasing their patrimony and accessing improvements. This position of the red planet, decisive for Capricorn's professional and social life, will be extended from the beginning of the year until the end of July, and represents big labour opportunities. Individualism, very common within the sign, will be in the highest peak. In this period, those who avoid being aggressive and fighting will win a lot. Ambition of triumph and conquer: Success arrives through the initiative, bravery and faith. It's possible to start a new job and progress in matters related to politics, being able to earn an important position. But be careful: The tendency is to fight with authorities.

Saturn, being in the XI House of the sign for two years now, will remain there during the whole year, marking a period that will be fundamental for friendship and groupal activities. It is possible that people of the past reappear, but this is also an interesting time to make new friends. The voice of experience, coming from the inside or the outside, will be one of the thing to consider. It will also be the time to establish a clear structure for the objectives wanted.

With Uranus' influence, it's possible that changes happen regarding the house and the environment. In this moment, the focus will be in the more intense and deeper matters of life, where nothing can be taken for granted, where more flexibility is needed in order to be conscious of the rigid things being challenged. The domination of the old traditions of the past will break: In the beginning this may bring a feeling of rootlessness, but after a while new roots with a renewed vision will establish again. There will be moments when this position will produce crisis and chaos; however, Uranus will bring great relief and help to break with the chains of the past.

Neptune is for some years now in the III House, and will stay there for several more years. With this influence, the natives of the sign have entered a large cycle that includes a transcendental transformation for their personality. It's possible that they feel attracted towards spiritual matters. Their minds and interests will be opened to new horizons. The way of communicating will also clearly change: They will now give more importance to emotions and subtle aspects. It's time to transcend obstacles and broaden points of view.

Despite of being really rational people, Capricorn natives are on time to open a door to intuition, the 6th sense that may guide them to a road of success, personal conquers and satisfaction. Those who do it will live a favorable period for the development of corporation projects or inversions, to enjoy creative activities and also for sentimental and sexual relationships. Even the relationship with the sons may go through a very special and creative period. In order to do so, it will be necessary to trust and dare to break the traditional boundaries of thinking and action. It's moment of recreating, reinventing oneself from the inside. Letting emotions, feelings and points of view grow will be essential. Even risking to be wrong, the spirit of adventure has to be assumed. Now, new philosophies of work and life can be established, being careful with excessive criticism.

During 2019, Capricorn will understand that the changes are necessary, as they open new roads, full of experiences. This will be a year of intense training, but really profitable. They will learn how to be flexible in the way they think, risk, share and enjoy. The fact that they have to question old familiar orders in many cases will make them fight their beloved ones. When the crisis happen, relationships will slowly turn into harmonic ones, but with a Capricorn totally renewed and sure of itself. Those who can't understand and grow, will stay in the path and won't progress.

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