Horoscope Gemini 2019

Gemini predictions 2019

This 2019 will start with Geminis' natives full of optimism, new interests and the spirit of an entrepeneur. Changes are getting closer. They will have the pleasure to experience opportunities to improve both their economical and professional situation, promote themselves or start activities, even discovering new vocations; all thanks to Jupiter influence regarding finances mainly, but also communication, mind and journeys. With Saturn in their working place the whole year, this will be a period in which the need for renewing activities and learn to administrate times and resources in a different way, as using badly or abusing ofenergies may have a negative impact in health. uring 2019, Gemini will receive the visit of the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

This year will be excelent to develop as a person. This is an incredible period for Gemini's natives to strengthen their identities. Not limiting imagination is the key to progress and success. Jupiter, since the beginning of the year and until July the 16th, regarding economy, will be a growth and progress factor. The II House, in where this planet will move, is also the house of the value we give to all things and to ourselves, and because of that, an increase in self-esteem and talents will be noticeable in the progress and advances this period will provide. This year brings more possibilities of making money, but also expending more, as the excessive optimism that may emerge from this position, so it's adviceable to be careful with the economical situation, even if this is an incredible opportunity to demand an increase in your salary or the price of your services. A good time to both marketing and commerce.

Stability in work will generate calm in the economic field, as there will be no worries in that regard. However, the natives will feel the need for saving money and won't feel their plans are fulfilled. This feelings are due to Saturn's position in its sector of work and tradition, marking a period of strong responsabilities and efforts at work. You will probably be more patient, efficient, skillful and organized. Certain sacrifices will have to be made, but the rewards will also be important. If you act in an organized and practical way, you will soon be able to perceive the benefits the planet of the rings has prepared. In many cases, it's a period of harvest, the effect of the causes you have recorded in time.

From July the 16th onwards, Jupiter enters the III House of Gemini, that represents the environment, the daily life, opportunities, efforts, siblings and relatives. It is Gemini's natural house; meaning it reflects the development of our communicative relationship with the environment and the way we see and understand the external circumstances. With Jupiter in this sector, educational and communicative opportunities will appear, helping to increase knowledge. Journeys will give the natives the opportunity to understand a lot more about themselves and their lives. It will be a good moment to improve the relationship with social environments close to you. Some kind of matter related to contracts or agreements may emerge. Specially in August, when the presence of Mercury in this sector begins to be felt, many things will be mobilised.

The danger may arise when it comes to encompass more things that you can actually execute. On the other hand, it is important not to appear excessively energical when you think that someone is criticizing your own convictions. If Jupiter's energy becomes too agressive, it is because of a lack, or an insecurity. This will be the moment to explore honestly your own feelings, and be emotionally open to what the world can offer. September will be another possitive month, as Jupiter alongside Venus can help to improve thinking, searching that superior knowledge. Jupiter will open the natives' mind in superior levels an help them expand their conscience through understanding, collecting experiences you have through practice and projecting them, increasing that way the ability of executing what is on their minds.

May the 7th, with Mercury entering the sign, a possibility to develop the inherent ability for communication and expression will be opened for Gemini. Travelling, reading, writing, do good business and sign agreements are activities they naturally like. In this time you will be able to show your best side and receive some good news regarding your work, making you enthusiastic and joyful. But there will also be moments in the year when the retrograde movements of this little planet will bring certain delays and contradictions. During 2019, Mercury will retrograde in three oportunities from February the 6th to the 28th, from June the 7th to July the 1st and from October the 2nd to the 25th. In this three periods, you will have to move slower and more carefully. Retrograde Mercury brings a message from the unconscious, becoming the mind's translator. The retrograde movements are a process of transition in the intellectual experience, allowing to bring to the unconscious the seed needed so it can mature in the darkness of thought, and being a way to find paths in the alchemical transformation of meditation, thought and reflection. In this moments, it is adviceable to reorganize the ideas, give a rest to the mind in order to order the mental and creative processes, rething, restructure and review; some words that are part of the learning process of the stand by produced by retrograde movements.

The influence of Uranus and Neptune, up in Gemini's sky for the whole year, may be favourable as it points at changes and new alternatives capable of unblocking old manners and recovering the right path in the professional and social fields. New friendships and a large amount of proposals and projects will appear: It is only about choosing wisely. Many will be the ones who decide to begin a great project in this period, maybe one they have been planning for a long time. It will be possible that sudden changes appear in professional activity. The desire of finding a goal will be neede, so, besides growing, conquering and in many opportunities be the centre of attention, the wish of understanding the reason of certain things and knowing more sides of oneself will arise.

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