Horoscope Leo 2019

Leo predictions 2019

This 2019, Leo natives will have great opportunities of growth in different fields of their lives. There will be lots of joy, but also an important interior work. Saturn will affect family life by bringing responsabilities to the natives lives, and sometimes even anxiety. Friends will have an important role this year, and journeys will abound, specially since the entrance of Jupiter to the sign, in the month of July.

During 2019, Leo will receive the visit of Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

Jupiter will bring new ideas and changes of plans during the first half of the year. Ideal moment to analyze what has happened and act consecuently. Positive predisposition to execute things that at first may seem difficult. Leo natives will know how to battle every negative things that may appear in order to execute some plan or idea, and will count on a special protection that will cover their lives with light. Jupiter's movement gives Leo the opportunity of working behind the stage and in a calmer and more relaxed way, with less stress, the need for a more spiritual side of their daily lives, a more introspective, private and personal attitude. Being alone will help Leo connect withe their ancestral memories and letting a more instinctive knowledge flow, in contact with their escence. An ideal moment to read books that help to find oneself, connecting with the origin of your feelings. Matters of the past may come back to be clarified or closed definitively. In this process, you will finally feel the negative experiences of the past have made you stronger. If you use this energy in a positive way, you can clean your life and prepare for the new things that will undoubtly appear.

The squaring of Saturn will affect Leo for the whole year, provoking certain tension and motivating the natives to take on responsabilities, specially regarding primary family. Saturn produces a huge need for familiar and domestic security, exactly what you will accomplish now, but possibly with the load of pending matters with the original family, that you will have to take care of in this moment. It is important to clarify the internal problems without waiting for the circumstances to be perfect to solve them, as, not doing it in this period may bring more serious problems in the future. In some cases, the influence of this planet will bring conflict within the domestic responsabilities. It is possible for the younger natives to grow and mature through familiar circumstances that force them to take on responsabilities. For many, this will be the moment in which their sons become independant and maybe move out, or maybe elder parents, require more attention. It always includes a period of certain crisis regarding the deepest, the origins, our familiar history.

Saturn in the House of home constitute a thick and heavy energy, but it can also provide good news. Leo will show a great affective commitment, seriousness, maturity and responsability regarding the deepest bounds. Saturn will put an accent mark on your duties, but calmly and learning from past experiences, accomplishing maturity by letting old conflicts go. The desire of fighting for what they believe will free them from antique orders that take their strength away. Uranus' influence from a friendly sign will provide the natives with mental flexibility: They will feel attracted by new and stimulating ways of thinking. There will be huge events that will make them take into consideration certain ways of thinking that are no longer useful, and this will be the perfect time to change it. The possibility of making long trips will emerge.

Jupiter's entrance to the sign, on July the 16th, will be an invitation to expand, get interested in journeys and the acquisition of new knowledge. A new period will begin with renewed enthusiasm and the wish of start moving. After that, Venus and the Sun, also entering the sign, will be the impulse that will lead them to turn their thoughts and decisions into concrete facts. This months will be really positive, the planets will attract love and wealth to Leo's life. Jupiter in the sign becoems more and more powerful and energic, broader and more tolerant, allowing the natives to live with a bigger sense of freedom and security. The matters related to culture, education, spirituality and foreign things will become more important in this period. Besides, the fact that Jupiter is the most benefic of the planets and its orbit time makes its visit to each sign happens every twelve years, gives more importance to this period, and its influence will act as a palliative of the pressure Saturn's position create.

Netune, from its position, implies a deep, intuitive and revealing perception that can be applied in the different areas of life, but will specially mobilise finances. It is a very subtle process, and it may not be noticeable for some years. Leo natives will learn about themselves, and this will help them to work more successfully in their unconscious compulsions.

The influence Pluto has been applying for a couple of years in the sector of work and health will be extended during the whole 2019, demanding a deepp change regarding the work life and health care. It is adviceable to be careful and not losing oneself in unnecessary self-sacrifices and instead of that, just flow towards a goal that helps to redirect interests, away from the gratification of the ego and towards a broader participation that includes interpersonal relations. It is a good moment to follow regenerative therapies, both physical or psychological, that will help to regenerate the body.

The eclipses that will be produced this year will affect different areas of life. In april, there will be news regarding work and professional development. It is possible that break ups, changes or new perspectives appear. In october, something will seem to be left behind, but this could mean leaving the place you live in, or letting antique ideas go in order to look for a new vital horizon. With the eclipse of October the 23rd, the feelings of protection and security towards family will be increased, as the need for isolating oneself from the environment. Some kind of internal mutation will allow natives to realize of the need for changes.

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