Horoscope Libra 2019

Libra predictions 2019

This 2019, Libra natives will feel satisfied by their professional accomplishments. You will count on a great energy in order reach your goals, and new doors will be opened for you. Capable of starting new paths without fearing making a mistake, you will be backed by the influence of the benefic Jupiter, while Saturn will look after your economy and make your patrimony grow.

During 2019, natives will receive the visit of Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

Pluto's influence, who has been moving through the sector of home, grows at the start of the year because of the path of the Sun, Mercury, the Moon and Venus. This intense planetary influence will bring deep changes to the nature of family relationships. It is important in this moment to keep oneself true to the own truth that will be put to the test. One of the key words of the period is self-sufficiency: It is about ensuring a new basis for life itself, and being open to the changes that may be produced. The personal aspects of Libra will be affected: Their psyche, home, family, and matters of their childhood will reappear, helping them to understand the consequences they had in their adult life. This will be the moment to change irrational impulses and certain childish behaviours for something more constructive and related to the desires themselves. From a personal and internal point of view, this may imply liberating oneself of ways of living required in the earliest childhood, or seeking to change family business.

In some cases, conflicts with parents may arise, specially if you have been very dependant on them. Other possibilities that may appear in this time are the changes within home. This reunion of planets means, on the other hand, a good sign to start psychotherapy and liberating from a past that has opressed you in some way. This doesn't necessarily mean that a conflict is going to appear, or that you will have to separate from your family. In fact, it marks you need to restructure the basis, the roots and the relation with your own childhood.

From the beginning of 2019 and until July the 26th, Mars will be sitting in Libra.

When mars enters our sign, it seems our life is brighter and starts to work faster. Our attention and our activity appear to be developing more than ever. Vitality and optimism increase, and unexpected doors and opportunities are opened. But even if this influence brings strength and initiative, it is advisable to be careful with the moods and avoiding emotions to act against us, as it is the god of war, who can bring impulsive attitudes that generate conflicts in the relationships. Generally, the movements of this planet for a century lasts aproximatedly two months, but in this case, it will be in Libra for a period of more than six, due to its retrograde movement. Mars retrogradation ocurrs every two years, and is repeated in the same sign only after many years.

It is interesting that everyone can remember their experiences in this periods, and see which cylces are repeated or what circumstances of today are related to the past. In 2019, Mars will be retrograde from March the 1st to May the 20th. These are the ideal moments to find out if we have what is needed in order to execute our projects or if the excesive optimism of the beginning of the year has led us to plan something too big for our possibilities. Mars in a direct motion made us feel invencibles, and in contact with Jupiter and Pluto, has led us to keep moving forward and challenge ourselves. Now, in its retrograde times, we must study the situation. Everything included in the true path and destiny, will be there. All what we must do, we will do. Those things that are not ours or have been planned and we cannot possibly do, may fall apart. Pay attention, be patient and repair. Some business may be blocked or delayed, but with the only goal of rethinking our plans before moving on. Taking this into consideration, Libra natives must keep on with their projects, but keeping calm when facing the unexpected events and being conscious that a delay is not a disaster, but simply an opportunity to think better and be trusted. Sometimes, things are delayed, simply to give us time to find the correct people to execute our actions.

The incidence of Jupiter, until July the 16th, will be essential and vital for Libra's professional fulfillment. This is a true time of harvest, as those who have been working on something will see the results, and those who have just started will have the luck they need. Possibilities of journeys or contact with foreigners or foreign companies due to work. It is essential to give the most of oneself, as this will be highly appreciated by those who can help you progress. Relationship with parents improves. The effort of parents will be valued.

When Jupiter moves to other sign, in July, an idealist period in life will begin. Every native will have the opportunity to connect with their true desires and execute the needed actions to make them possible. Social life and specially friendships will become really important now, and will have the opportunity of impulsing a project with friends or people you share something with. Actually, this is not a good time to act on your own, and it will be better to act involving as many people as possible. This influence will last until next year's August, when Jupiter ends its movements through Leo. 2019 will be for Libra an ideal year to improve. Natives will go through a dynamic and active period, during which opportunities and favourable circumstances will be there for those who know how to make the most out of them. They will feel the need of finishing everyhting pending in order to grow and move on. Social life will be intense, but there will also be moments of calm and silence. They will develop internally through introspection, as growing their more spiritual side, they will be able to balance their lives and feel peaceful with themselves and the world.

This will be a really good period for the natives' activities, as far as they make the most out of their new mental energy, on which they will lean in order to progress, and don't isolate themselves.

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