Horoscope Pisces 2019

Pisces predictions 2019

This year will be a specially lucky one for Pisces. In each native's hands is the opportunity of turning it into a cycle of huge fulfillment. They will have the possibility of solving old problems and leaving them behind forever. Those who are linked to activities related to communication and education will progress significantly in their works. Time of expansion and progress in where love will also bring interesting definitions. During 2019, Pisces will receive the visit of Neptune, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

Thanks to the favorable influences they will receive during this year, Pisces natives will be able to grow, achieve some of their most desired ambitions, improve their social relationships and create new unions.

This year, natives will be able to make some desire they have in mind for a long time now come true. A process of important reviews will give birth to new development. Some inherent characteristic will come back. Something is started that modifies. The need for change provokes an exhaustive analysis of oneself. New thoughts and balances. Resolution of pending matters, such as paperwork, inheritances, debts or matters of the past. It will be necessary to pay attention to the budget and plan economic strategies, while making an extra effort in order to carry on a project that promises future success.

Neptune, regent planet of the sign, who is transiting Pisces for two years and will end its movement in March of the previous year, marks a great twist in the life of each Pisces. Its visit indicates that the time to give place to the most spiritual, inspirational and creative part has come. Intuition and sensitivity that this position provides turns into the most faithful advisor and leads to perceive things in other way. Comprehension of the others are more sensitive and subtle. Neptune is the symbol of transformation, so each Pisces native will redesign its life and show a more genuine version of themselves. In the slow and long path of this planet, transformation is a constant, so it will be necessary to flow with life and changes. It will be essential in this time to have moments of calm and the possibility of isolating from chaos and external influences. A lot of physic and psychic energy must be controlled through thoughts and positive actions.

Pisces is the most idealistic of all the signs, but certainly not the most realistic. Their natives must still make great personal efforts to keep their feet on the ground and face routine in its least poetic side. Be careful with dispersions; extreme sensitivity, illusions and confuse ideas.

Positive side of this position: Creative sensitivity, perception and poetic, artistic and mystic abilities. From the middle of last year and until July the 16th this year, Jupiter is moving through Cancer, sign of water and friendly to Pisces. This is an ideal position for artists, musicians and creative actors, that will receive inspiration and cultural rewards. It's also an excellent time for romantic relationships, as they will feel more free and safe; any relationship that starts in this period will teach Pisces more than they have ever wished. Women who want to get pregnant will probably accomplish that now, will be more interested in the wellness of children, and their relationship with them will be improved. They will feel better with themselves. Favorable period for professors and people working with young people. The possibility of making some benefit out of speculation also exists.

When, in July, Jupiter, moves to Leo, there will be opportunities of finding a good job, improvements in the current ones and benefits that will arrive through commercial associations. Jupiter moving through this sector provides the ability of progressing in the world and enjoying work, as it now bring a purpose to life. Labour relationships are improved, and it will be possible to meet important people that may have an impact in the future. A cycle of twelve months with incredible opportunities to improve the work place and go on projects that require a broader mind will start.

Working with companies or foreigners is possible, as the need for taking care of the health more than ever. Ideal moment for those who need to go to the doctor for a general check up.

Saturn, for the whole year, will be moving through Pisces IX House; area associated with long journeys, superior studies, philosophy of life, the foreign, politics and laws. From this position, it will urge the natives to make the necessary changes regarding the philosophy of life they wish to adopt, eliminating what is no longer useful, going through a process of crisis or changes and studies or trips that organize emotions and the way we relate to others. In many cases this may mean a professional promotion. There will be a practical approach to education and learning new things. There may even be a heavy working load. Being the house of law, there is a possibility that legal problems may appear. When Saturn is in a retrograde movement, from March to July, it will be necessary to avoid being rigid, problems travelling or delays in publishing or difficulties being accepted by an university may emerge.

This year there will be transformations in the area of friendships. There is a tendency to break old friendships and groups that no longer make sense, and establishing new ones that will have a deep influence . It will also be possible to contact with powerful, influential people. In some cases, you may receive scholarships or Government helps in order to finance a scientific, artistic and spiritual work. Now, Pisces ideals will change, and this will be reflected in the people around the natives and the groups or movements they are identified with.

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