Horoscope Sagittarius 2019

Sagittarius predictions 2019

2019 appears, in general terms, as a very favorable cycle for Sagittarius natives. This will be a year full of good situations in every aspect and activity, both in daily life and regarding great projects and ideals. The most noticeable thing about 2019 for the natives is the opportunity to experience a deep transformation in their lives this year will provide them. It is the ideal moment to close the door of the past and open a new chapter, projecting the future. In order to achieve it, the most important planetary position will be the transit of the benefic Jupiter, regent of the sign, in its VIII House (deepest changes and transformations), that will affect both material and social life and emotions.

During 2019, Sagittarius will receive the visit of Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

Jupiter's movement until July the 15th boosts the psychic abilities of Sagittarius natives, who will now be able to use this energy in order to help others or for business. It is possible that a great deal of their activities in this moment are related with the law, publishing, superior education, hospitals, institutions and cultural centers. There may also be participation in foreign commerce and business trips, or even commercial activities related to property sales. This is also a great moment to start a commercial society. Excellent to ask for a loan or some kind of collaboration, as there will be people ready to help in some way. This movement also helps any healing process, so it will be really helpful for those who have just been through or are presently being through a moment of psychological stress.

From the middle of July, and until next year's August, Jupiter's change of sector to a friendly sign is a promises of great and happy news. This harmonic planetary combination ensures a time of achievements and expansion, with a lot of protection and possibility to travel for studies or diverse reasons. Favorable times for those who enter the University, and to do specialization courses. Travelling because of religious or related to the law studies will be possible and very benefit. An excellent opportunity regarding expanding knowledge and research faith and its importance in our lives. For those who are tangled in a legal matter, the next twelve months will be decisive and positive. Relating to relatives, specially those who live abroad, is another possibility this position provides. The important position of Jupiter in Leo marks an important expansion of ideas, projects and even the most intimate thoughts of Sagittarius. This position is determinant for a transcendental renewal that includes deep changes in the general way of thinking life. A new chapter in Sagittarius life is open, as now they will be able to get over everything that blocked them and made them suffer. This will be a period of healing of every personal conflict.

Saturn, who is since October of 2012 sitting in the sector of unconscious, will make Sagittarius think, controlling its mood. This planetary influence will extend during the whole year, and it will be important, as it is the XII House of the sign, and from that place will activate unconscious matters that are really important here and now. Old debts must be payed, both financially and morally: Once they liberate from the past problems, Sagittarius natives will be able to progress easily.

Now it's a good time to clean and end with everything pending in the last years. In this period, a cycle of karma ends, and one of self-expression begins. All psychological and spiritual things are more important now, this will be really helpful to separate from anything of the past, preparing the ground for a new seed.

With Uranus from another harmonic sign, the dominant thing this moments is freedom and active enthusiasm; extraordinary, original and artistic friends. It is also possible that the sons or children around have inspirational and positive experiences or become more rebellious and new ways of communication have to be experienced with them. This moment will provide Sagittarius life a new point of view and more understanding. With the influence of Neptune, an intense stimulus to the subconscious memories is produced, caused by a great emotional sensitivity and even melancholy. During this period, the natives of the sign will need a place in which to retire and get away from the chaos. The spiritual bonds with the family will become really important as your interior self will change deeply.

Mars will remain, from the beginning of the year and until the end of July, in the XI House of the sign. With this influence, the grupal, physical or laboral activities will be specially helpful now: They will feel attracted by humanitarian causes and team work. With Mars in this position, the key words is teammate action, in other words, it will be a productive time for those who find people to work with. This is a very stimulating position that, in many cases, will open new doors and opportunities. It is characterized by an intense and amusing social life, with endless invitations, reunions and plans. Opportunity to meet in this time inspiring people you share interests with.

2019 will be for Sagittarius a period of learning, discovery and improvements in life. For those who want to grow, it's time to challenge yourselves, fight for the big goals that may change the future. The path won't be easy, specially because conflicts with bosses, professors, parents, etc... may arise. But this also means that the natives will have the great opportunity of discovering their autonomy, true potential or personal power. It's time to let go and being who you really are. It will be essential to listen to the body and the soul, as well as creating moments and spaces to live in and enjoy what you do. Those who are willing to face the great transformation this time proposes will recover the innocence of the child inside them. An incredible time to develop creativity and be conscious of everything Sagittarius is able to produce begins.

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