Horoscope Scorpio 2019

Scorpio predictions 2019

Scorpio will face a challenging year, but also full of rewards. It will depend on each Scorpio native to make the most out of the great opportunities the planets propose. Without having to depend on anybody else, plenty of material and spiritual concretions will appear. Many will be those who start superior studies in order to materialize ideas that need certain knowledge.

During 2019, Scorpio will receive the visit of Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus. The other planets will make their influence be felt from different signs of the Zodiac.

Saturn has been sitting in Scorpio for two years now. This long period in the sign pressures the natives to restructure their lives and personalitiy, adjusting it to the lessons learned in the past and focusing in really important things. The planet of the rings will remain in the sign until the middle of 2020, marking a deep and significant period of Scorpio's life.

It is well known that in Saturn's matters we have to make ourselves responsable for our past decisions, our actions and turn into grown men. It is time to decide what our priorities are and act consequently. Saturn's path through the sign influences us to adopt a more mature and thoughtful look of life. This planet, known as the great cosmic master, god of time, when moving through the solar sign, helps us to connect with reality in a more conscious way, and also safer. Because of that, many things we used to be interested in and we enjoyed, may seem shallow or childish now.

Saturn's influence in his entrance to Scorpio, after 30 years of being absent, is the controller of unmeasured reactions. A new look at life will emerge from the experiences that the circumstances have prepared in this moment. At the same time, Saturn is forming the marvelous Big Trine, with Neptune in Pisces (for the entire year) and Jupiter in Cancer (for the first half of 2019). This union will sound in Scorpio natives' ears with as an optimistic melody, inspiring them to remember they should abandon negativity as an habit and project the future with faith. They should be careful and remember negative and useless criticism pollutes the soul and blocks decisions or taking risks in order to grow and progress in life. Life without risks is sterile, without progress, evolution or learning.

Jupiter's influence until July, marks a marvelous time to develop a bigger cultural and spiritual conscience; it is interesting to see how this movements tend to make people interested in finding a religious or philosophical that guides their lives. In this period, many opportunities of travel and studies will appear, and in order to teach others, either in a formal way or not. It is a very good moment for those who wish to write. You will feel more spiritual, ethical and moral responsability. Finally, this movement is also very favourable for associations with universities and cultural institutions. But being careful is a must, as Pluto's opposition to Jupiter, until May, is a difficult aspect, that may lead Scorpio to expose points of view that may come as intolerant, inflexible or extremist.

From July 16th onwards, Jupiter will enter the X House of the sign, showing great possibilities of laboural and professional progress. Journeys will be a constant from that moment until the end of the year. It is one of the best indications of a incredibly succesful and virtuous life. To rise to a high position in any institution, winning honor and social esteem will be possible. Besides, it strengthens the reputation, the ambition, the responsability and the political goals. Jupiter in this house indicates the search of a meaning in life, and the fulfillment itself through the carreer, the status and society aprobal. For those making decisions regarding their carreers, it is probable that they choose a profession related to teaching, publishing, law, philosophy or religion. Whatever the chosen discipline may be, it will provide a high amount of energy and enthusiasm, a wide vision. The natives of the sign will be capable of opening their own path to success. This placement is useful in order to get over obstacles and challenges.

Mars will be present for most of the year (from January until the end of July) in the previous sign, meaning the XII House. It is probable that in this movements subconscious motivations and psychological impulses awaken. During this period, Scorpio can begin to get interested in the investigation of the unconscious or exploring the field of ocultism and parapsychology. It is also a great moment to maintain yourself as a role character. Some repressed energy may show up as irritation. They are energies so subtle that is difficult to notice them. Patterns of past behaviours that have become completely unconscious are activated and now is the moment to face them. It is also a good time to work in the field of social assistance, where the priority is helping others.

From August onwards, a period of more activity and outside movement will start. Social life becomes more important and many will be the news during the following months.

Mercury, the Sun and Venus will bring improvements in October and November. A more objective and tolerant point of view will lean you towards facing true transformations. The bonds will be improved, and the feeling of security and protection will grow. Noting and nobody can be an obstacle for the original plans. Scorpio natives will be more practical, renewed and vital; the obstacles that prevented them from showing their talents will disappear, and they will shine again.

The key for this year will be organizing in order to face the responsabilities. The presence of Saturn in Scorpio for the entire 2019 marks a time of limitations and adjustments, but it will also bring a bunch of accomplishments and the confirmation of your own will. This is a cycle of effort and work that will make you experience a deep transformation in order to know what you really need from life and what hurts you. You will make important decisions and begin a path of recovery, evolution and wisdom.

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