Horoscope Taurus 2019

Taurus predictions 2019

2019 will be for Taurus a year full of movement. The natives will search tirelessly in order to accomplish more freedom and independance, and in that search, many will find their true vocation and own path. Jupiter will favour communication, publications, study and journeys; specially during the first half of the year. After that, familiar relationships, journeys and renewals in the home will be benefited by the hand of this planet. Furthermore, Saturn proposes the natives to be more conscious in the way natives approach couple relationships and any kind of associations in a more mature and realy manner.

This year, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will go through Taurus' sign, while the other planets will make their influences be felt from other places in the Zodiac.

The year will start with five planets gravitating from other Earth sign, related to Taurus, marking a favourable start, full of positive energy and optimism and possibilities of going on pleasant journeys.

It is likely that many natives during this first period of the year are willing to redirect their activities, recovering old dreams and finding the way of accomplishing them. Certain projects that remained locked up will be able to see the light now, as in the evolutive process that this year provides they will be able to make definitive decisions that move them closer to their true dreams. Professional life will demand a lot of activity, initiative and the spirit of an entrepeneur. It won't be a calm or relaxed year, and they will have to make an effort to carry on with their jobs, needing a lot of energy to solve the problems that may appear and adress the pending projects. However, their behaviour won't go unnoticed and before the year ends, the planets will favour all their professional projects.

In February, the planets will be placed in a way that all efforts will be focused in progressing, making money, buying, if possible, being able to acquire something valuable you desired for a long time, something material, that may be a vehicle. This will be an emotional need, that will prevent diverse obsessions and worries. February will also be a month of journeys and well-being.

Until July, Jupiter, from a perfect angle, will favour the communication with the environment, giving the natives of the sign a more optimistic mind. Regardless of how many obstacles may appear, they will face them with a new feith and hope in the future. Short trips, studies and minor moves will be clearly favoured since that moment, as advantages will arise in education, and the opportunity of improving the relationship with siblings and neighbors will be provided. Saturn can be found in the VII House of Taurus, and will remain there all year long, making an impact in personal things and, specially, associations. Saturn's entrance to Scorpio, Taurus' opposite sign, many time is noticeable because of the lack of expansion of Taurus. This will also be a moment of learnings and renewal regarding the couples and everything that includes tight bonds.

regarding your own lacks and needs, imply the discovery of attitudes that are actually an obstacle to accomplish what you desire the most, and the possibility of becoming aware of behaviours related to your own insecurities and fears, and not to other people. Generally, this incidence affects the way people face relationships. Saturn, the great planetary master, provides maturity and realism when it comes to facing affective commitments. More requirements regarding who to fall in love with, which will now be less superficial and more selective. Sometimes, and depending on other planetary influences, this requirements will mark a tendency to feel loneliness or make the relationship with others more difficult. It may also highlight strict attitudes from Taurus' natives, but this movement also shows they will be conscious of their own limits. The incidence of Saturn also affects restrictive circumstances provoked by other people or making the demands and responsability of this natives are required in a top level in heavy or boring tasks, and with the environment not making things easier. Associations in general will be tested and the result will depend mostly on the sign.

Pluto will influence the sign from Capricorn, allowing a deep transformation in a personal level, providing Taurus more perspective, power and conviction. It is possible that situations or attitudes of the past will now be solved.

When Jupiter enters Leo, on July the 16th, Taurus will see how the need for taking care of its home and family, becomes now a priority in life. It will be possible to perform changes and reforms in order to improve the house, both in the inside and the outside. The need for security in the family will take its time, which will connect this sign to its own vulnerability and need for protection. The psychological processes of freedom from family limits and the negative side of relationships have another opportunity to be solved. It is also possible that trips to the place of birth are organized, which clearly shows the interes of connecting with relatives you don't see in a long time.

In January, June and November, Venus will attract luck and all the best things. It will favour romances and affective life. Taurus' natives will develop their personal magnetism in order to enlarge, seduce and connect with the opposite sex, but it will be during April, when the planet of pleasure moves through your own sign, the moment for natives to reaffirm the values of love. The beloved ones will be in first place. Possibility of reconciliations, if they are responsably performed. Pluto, planet of transformations, sitting in a related earth sign will make Taurus deeper, more intelligent and practical. Ambition grows, and it is a great moment to accomplish material goals, and find the true path to your own evolution. This year, important transformations will occur in Taurus' goals and future projects. Personal changes will be really important, and they must be accepted as something personal. Changing what is necessary, while getting rid of useless feelings and learning how to leave the past and everything that feels like an obstacle behind is the key when it comes to developing. This 2019 will be a year of learning, growth and deep changes for Taurus.

Saturn will test the strength and constance of the bull, Jupiter an Mars will provide some energy, allowing the efforts to affect the natives' overall life. There are many planets that will be affecting them, and each one with its own nature will try to operate in a positive manner, even though this may be destabilizing. Not being paralized by fear, being alert to messages or signals and changing traditions will reward you with joy, a good relationship with everyone else and a lot of trust in your own actions. This will be the perfect moment to defeat obstacles and make the most of the planets' teaching and favors.

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