Horoscope Aquarius 2020

Aquarius predictions 2020

Aquarians are somewhat ambiguous receptors influences of his two regents during this year: On the one hand, Uranus in Aries which sends a beneficial one side and on the other side Saturn in Scorpio, which sends a defiant look present changes and new structures need for natives of the second and third deanship.
Uranus in Aries, present there for three years, the Aquarius proposes a change of mentality, forms of expression, ways to bond with siblings, relatives, neighbors; challenges the natives of the sign to review the way they think, they communicate their ideas, to see if they match their creative and bohemian nature. This year in particular, those born between January 28 and February 4 small but have good opportunities to make these changes Uranus asks. There may be changes, unexpected travel changes at home, or the novelty is rather internal: Will new and brilliant ideas if they are driven by the power of this planet.
On the other hand, Saturn in Scorpio brings certain difficulties to the life of Aquarius that could perhaps be lived as obstacles, detentions, delays, blockages professionally: The expected rise not willing, the awards are not presented but the demands did not fall . They feel that a lot is expected of you and that are recognized little. They will be under pressure to perform better, to work hard and sometimes you may look under a pessimistic tone, particularly the natives of the period from February 4 to 13. That’s where comes in Uranus, bringing a fresh wind with new ideas to break the routine and to focus on the future, as new, achieving independence, not staying bogged down in confusing emotions.

The natives of January 20 to February 3, feel that their lives are calming down, things are going decanting and can recover a certain routine. Uranus no longer touch their sun.
Pluto, which continues in Capricorn, passes the house of fears, the Unconscious, the occult of Aquarius and Uranus aspect that is present in the house of the mind, can make long to surface suddenly quieted fears. It is likely that one of those fears have much to do with losing control of situations. Often, Aquarius claims to be liberal, without attachment and revolutionary, but secretly want to keep things under control and dislikes surprises. This year, this fear may come to light and feel mentally restless, particularly those born between January 31 and February 4. It is important to ensure that these fears are not out of control because it could affect their physical, since Jupiter in opposition to Pint├│n- travels home from work and health. It will be important not to overdo work hours until he fell exhausted, respect the hours of sleep and rest the mind enough to recharge batteries. Another fear that may affect this 2020 Aquarius has to do with economics. From the entrance of Neptune in Pisces, Aquarius experienced a kind of dissolution and confusion about their patterns of income, either way they earned the money or the way they were spending. It may have happened that changed jobs or who “do not know what they do with the money”, but it seems not catch up. Neptune is not very fond of material matters and therefore can generate an attitude of nonchalance about money or unexpected expenses.

As Chiron accompanies Neptune in this sector, which also corresponds to the values the situations personal-crossing surely have to do with wounds of the past and now somehow linked to the present. These wounds may have to do with past stories that were not valued enough and now it has to do with money, with the amount they currently earn.
It will be important to review this aspect in order to open the channels of abundance. Earnings continue to come work they already have or activity being undertaken at the initiation half of 2020. By 2020, Jupiter enters the house of the couple, partnerships and relations with the other in general, so Aquarius will be many wanting to get married, live or formalize a relationship that had hitherto been quite free. Aquariums have a strong and attractive personality. There are two types of aquariums: One is shy, sensitive and patient. The other type of aquarium is lush, alive and can hide the depths of his personality under a frivolous air. Both types of aquarium have a force of conviction and strong truth, and are so honest that know how to change their views if they appear evidence showing the opposite of what they thought before.

Aquariums are able to see both sides of an argument so they are one of the most tolerant and nonjudgmental signs around the zodiac. They are open to the truth and willing to learn from everyone. An aquarium is human, sincere, refined and idealistic. He knows persevere and express reason, moderation and sometimes humor. Almost all Aquarians are intelligent, clear and logical. Many are imaginative and psychic. Sometimes they feel the need to withdraw from the world to meditate or think. They refuse to follow the crowd. Despite the open personality of Aquarius and its desire to help humanity, not usually make friends easily or readily surrender their souls.

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