Horoscope Leo 2020

Leo predictions 2020

The most important influence that Leos will receive in these times is from Uranus, which sends a charity and expansive appearance from Aries (Sagittarius also have it for many years). This influence is expansive and liberating.
You will feel doors open, opportunities appear to break ties, get rid of the old and renewed both inside with outside. The inner change has much to do with his philosophy of life. Those born between July 30 to August 10 will have the greatest opportunities to change habits, such as stop filming, starting a diet to lose weight, have surgery, start an alternative psychological therapy. Anyway, whatever that means some kind of progress or improvement in your life. The first deanship born until 29 July inclusive, have lived these radical changes over the past year and their lives begin to settle. At the third deanship they are missing a few years for this charity, destructuring and liberating aspect. Be patient, everything comes in life.
Pluto and Neptune, meanwhile, sent some tense to Leo that involve them labor and economic adjustment aspects. Labor, in the sense of having to modify certain attitudes to improve performance and feel even more satisfied, beyond the work they do.

You may feel that others do better than you, but yours is more a feeling than a reality: All strive to be where they are. Cultivate your sense of timing. Otherwise, you may feel that their shared financial structure falters, diluted or not give the expected results. This can also make you feel that others make more or better than you. The key is learning to appreciate other benefits that do not have to do exclusively with money, such as the work-life balance. Those who live more intensely this process are those born between July 25 and 29, and between August 2 and 5. Saturn in Scorpio asked responsibility for the family. You can experience something limiting situations at home, or a parent may need your help to take care of him. Saturn brings experiences that may involve making sacrifices, doing things for duty. In particular, native born between August 8 and 14, may be more limited or certain mental letdown, because things do not materialize with the speed that you would like or because they are difficult obstacles to overcome.

As for friendship. 2020 will be a busy year for Leo and very satisfactory from the point of view of relationships.
The Leos partners will enjoy a year with great harmony and love, and will feel much more committed and attuned to their love affair. They will have to give more to your partner, but compensate them. If Leo and is in love with someone but still has not dared to reveal their feelings, this is the perfect time to do because it is a year lucky in love time. Neptune, representing inspiration and enthusiasm, continues its transit in the house VI, Pisces, which is the house of relationships. Your partner and your stability will inspire his side to try harder. Your partner will be up and this will result in a very happy year for both. It also will be a happy year for his immediate family and some religious activity is expected. You will receive good news from a relative who lives abroad. However, you may have difficulties and disappointments in the family and friends environment. You must be very careful when choosing their friends, because they could even create problems at home. Use caution also possible deception. Leos must be careful with possible health problems this year, especially issues related to blood (possibility of anemia) and stomach. You should watch their diet and have a healthy diet.
The year is especially good since November, when have solved a number of problems. You may make a major purchase between April and August. This year his great asset is its creativity and the realization of an idea that will bring great benefits.

Fortunately, there are positive intervals marked by the great benefactor: While Jupiter is in Cancer will benefit your Unconscious part, promoting confidence difficult to demolish it, and lucky breaks that seem out of the problems as if by magic, to half July 2020 Jupiter passes Leo and then appropriates their energy: it has the advantage, the privilege of experiencing Jupiter in the flesh, which has its pros and cons: negative consequences could be gaining weight because everything it touches Jupiter enlarges, so it is an issue that should closely monitor carrying a good diet and exercising regularly; another cons that can have this planet when in such a personal position is that others may see it as too good and sometimes unbearable. But neglect, most of the time Jupiter is well received: I see with good eyes, as someone good-natured, generous and with good intentions. Try to make the most of two periods. The first and second Decanate of Leo will benefit most with the entry of Jupiter in the sign.

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