Horoscope Libra 2020

Libra predictions 2020

Libra is, by nature, a sign that is in the constant search for balance. Its symbol is the scales of two plates which are used not so as to measure objects despite situations, to balance experiences. And such is the talent that will have to appeal the pound during 2020, given the influences that continue to receive from the slow planets: Uranus in Aries, opposite Libra, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, both challenging aspect, which will the life of the natives and moved quite interesting sign.

For several years, Libra have been experiencing this influence of Uranus in the street, and in the house of their intimate relationships: that of the couple, societies, indicating how they link with others. This planet brought them surprises, unexpected changes, need to adjust to what is proposing the couple rather than to impose its will. During 2020, the change continues because Uranus is slow and it takes seven years is transit through a sign but influence especially those born between September 30 and October 11. If you have born between those dates, you will feel that you must modify certain attitudes of their type of relationship; you will feel that you need more space, more air in their close links, or else they ask you, so that freedom is not negotiable. The purpose of this planet is that only the genuine survive, so it can be a period (2020) questioning of existing relationships and those to be built during the year. Romances can be very exciting, but it will be difficult to realize a stable partner.
modified bases.
Pluto, meanwhile, is located in the house of the home, the emotional roots of Libra making stagger the shelf to the point of having the feeling that a fall is imminent. It’s like experiencing an internal earthquake: A great shock that comes from within, and that can have its external counterpart as moving forward, you need to remove old objects that no longer serve any function, the longing for true links, etc. It is a stage in which he will not negotiate their true feelings. Pluto bid because it expresses its true nature and you can not hide what is true.

Therefore, it risk being who is specifically openly, without fear of what people say. You will experience this process with all its rawness. Part of this process will take place thanks to a revisionism and a practical attitude, realistic, conscientious of their personal resources, talents and values thanks to the presence of Saturn in Scorpio. This will also affect, in some way, in their family relationships, whether the source and the family that has formed. Neptune in Pisces affects the work area raising one hand, sensitization, an incorporation of sensitive aspect in their daily work. This does not necessarily mean a change of activity but attitude: It is now more focused on relationships, what brings people -the marriage- and shuns what is different. During this year he will prefer riding group rather than alone, as this will bring security. On the other hand, at times, Neptune indicates a process of illusion and disillusionment that in this case, have to do with the workplace: some projects may not materialize as you think. In another sense of things, it can also indicate that you have a greater concern for their health and that manages to dissolve harmful habits. Fortunately, a good link between the planets in Water signs (Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter) offers opportunities during the year to go to expand at a professional level. Jupiter, which until midyear is in Cancer, will benefit everything that has to do with new charges, with teaching and show others what you know. As happens to other cardinal signs, this sign may incur some excesses, especially if the second deanery (second half) and third.

When Jupiter enters Leo, it is more beneficial for you: Lets you expand the group level, of friends, of people with whom you can share values and common goals, leading these groups. The native of the first and second deanery (born between 3 and 22 October) will receive a stream of optimism great benefactor, feel that anything is possible, especially on the mental plane if they have a group of qualified people to support them. A pound will be more successful in his profession as a subordinate leader. They lack the strategic vision of a good leader, and prefer clear objectives. His lack of self-confidence makes also require a lot of others, but his sense of justice does not prevail over their peers. They have special skills in music, science and languages. They have a good memory and great success as librarians or administrative accounting, scientific, social workers and book publishers. Among the other professions that do well are the medical, secretary, musician, speaker, writer, historian and nurse. Her good taste for clothes and natural elegance makes can succeed as dressmakers.
The pound are among the most civilized zodiac signs. They have charm, elegance and are friendly and peaceful. They like beauty and harmony and are able to be impartial before conflicts. However, once they have reached an opinion about something, they do not like being contradicted. Also, they love to have the support of others as they usually fall well on first impressions.

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