Horoscope Pisces 2020

Pisces predictions 2020

Neptune in Pisces is the panacea of Pisces as this gaseous planet is the ruler of the sign. It takes 165 years to travel around the sun, which means that more than a century did not visit his own sign. Since planet and sign are highly compatible, you can expect the best from the influences of the world of art, soul contact, the Unconscious and beyond.
Those born between February 21 and 28 will be feeling its effects directly, although Neptune always works in mysterious ways, which can not be elucidated at the time, but much later: Increased intuition and perception who already have birth, a greater range of awareness, a greater willingness to operate on issues related to ecology, spirituality, healing, art and everything that has to do with the collective welfare. Of course, not all the same will be devoted to nor should do so but are the most common positive manifestations.
This planet connects with a much greater than the individual reality and depend on you give it a creative, loving, practice and manifest, or stay with pleasant dreams that will not come true unless run out. You will feel a before and after this transit. If you have been born between the dates mentioned, not until next year they will begin to see the consequences, both positive and / or negative transit, while those born after March 1 will begin to experience this transit from next year.

As Chiron is in Pisces also, this sensitive opening will also come with the only opportunity to heal wounds of the past, much having to do with how to connect with their own inner world, what space give the spiritual in their lives and what extent are expressing those qualities.
Those born between February 19 to March 1 have already experienced last year the transit of Chiron for its sun, and probably have been able to review your personal history and found relief for their pain; at least he has been given the opportunity to give a new meaning that painful past and give a context that allows them to move forward. While those born between February 27 to March 11 will live this process only this 2020 is likely to spontaneously remember past events and bringing them to consciousness and see them in front allowed to accept.
This double transit of Neptune, which opens and awareness and Chiron, which remembers and sana- is a great spiritual work you will be doing not only for you but for all those around him, as both planets speak of the social and developmental evolution of humanity.

Those born on 12 March onwards will evidence the transit of Chiron in the next year. It is worth mentioning that both transits occur only once in life, so they should use it as much as they possibly can at least be aware of the changes that are happening, many of which are subtle.A sensitive core, a hard shell. Parallel to the presence of Neptune in the sign itself, Pisces have received a beneficial aspect of Saturn, the planet of form, which has helped them in the past year especially those born until March 5: Dreams, visions and perceptions which was enabling Neptune, Saturn was bringing the most concrete reality.

New philosophies of life and firmest beliefs came to life Pisces to stay. This 2020 Saturn will help shape the dreams of those born from March 6 onwards. Meanwhile, the entry of Jupiter in Cancer middle of last year has increased the confidence and desire to expand Pisces, since transiting the house of creativity, expression and self-assertion.2020 will influence positively to the second and third full deanship of the sign. With its entry into Leo, take their boom and expansiveness to the work and health house, opening possibilities for growth in labor issues and improve health. We will have to take care of exaggeration from mid-July until year-end, as Jupiter sometimes bombastic sins: and not fulfill promises, or promises too much and gives little. They must be moderate and especially adjusted natives first and second deanery.

Crises and profound changes of the year are on the side of personal finance (income pattern, how to spend), personal values and ideas that are shared with friends, groups, etc. Uranus is in the house of finance, indicating that changes the mode to earn money for a freer; This may coincide with a job change or the need to work on their own. Meanwhile, Pluto is located in the sector friends, bringing up old issues, possible fights by disagreements of ideas and a certain fanaticism for their own beliefs.
This will tend to defend the values and ideals against others. It will be important not wanting to get to the end, and yield before jeopardize friendships; but as both planets are renovated and are in tense aspect to each other, it is possible to have some breaks of friends bearing as a result of this exchange of views. The problem of aquariums in their personal relationships is when they tend to replicate candles and flee to a problem. They feel a great concern for the good of humanity and do not understand the causes opposing positions to pursue both.

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