Horoscope Sagittarius 2020

Sagittarius predictions 2020

Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter bring more interesting opportunities for Sagittarius, especially for the first and second deanery. Uranus, whose action is often surprising, exciting, is in the field of creativity natives of Sagittarius. This planet will bring positive changes in the form of unexpected events related to entertainment, creative activities, gambling and children. Care must be taken, especially women who are of childbearing age, because Uranus can bring more of a surprise to their lives. It is important to carefully plan this. In another sense of things, Uranus will connect them with opportunities open to the creative world, such as theater, art, and can bring love. The Uranian relationships usually come as sudden and usually last no favorites, but what will prevail in their lives fun, have fun fact. Those born between November 27 to December 7 feel craving to expand their horizons, to break free of ties, similar to the unconscionable manner. It depends on your age to see what aspects of these changes will be, but certainly involve the themes of love, the way they communicate and philosophical values, supporting those in their actions. Uranus in Aries proposes a change in identity. Pluto transits the second house, the material goods, personal values, talents and, Capricorn, holds part of this change of identity proposed by Uranus. Sagittarians, especially those born between 2 and 7 December, are undergoing profound economic changes that include changes in their patterns of income. In addition, it will be changing its scale of values, questioning it, transforming it down to the essentials, to what is really important to you.

Given the tense aspect between Pluto and Uranus, this change is more like a simple step that stage even crisis. It is a clean slate but that will take time and discrimination on their part. You may sit for a while unseated without knowing where to stand, but as time passes it will settling the issues that are now in motion. Jupiter completes this moviliz├ínlo panorama, bringing Sagittarius need to expand economically, want to recover quickly, on the one hand, can be beneficial because it will bring out his optimistic character and put his eyes on the future, but on the other, can make which is allied with people who promise much and fulfill little. Therefore, it is desirable to think twice before putting together a society or even borrow money, for example. Neptune and Chiron from Pisces can add some confusion at this moment of transition, especially for those born from November 22 to 30. You feel like you’re in a fog, that things are not as clear as before. It is important not to make important decisions that affect their lives very long term, since it can not consider all aspects of the matter objectively.
Saturn does not occupy a prominent position this year, but still influence from the shadows. It will be somehow connected with ancestral fears, the fears of society and their own fears more than ever. These are likely to surface unexpectedly, but do not be afraid! It is to heal them, or at least make them aware. You will feel more emotional and sensitive than other years, especially if you are born between December 6 and 15, so do not be surprised if it happens to others hits it stronger or will impact more than other times.One of the ways to achieve catharsis of everything that is emerging is writing, expressing, talking, putting it into words. It will be a very therapeutic way to work with the changes that will be living.

Last year many Sagittarius found love or formalize a relationship. This year, many relationships formed last year will be consolidated. Socially, 2020 will be a quieter year but communication capacity is still very sharp and will be a good year for journalists (journalists, writers, speakers and teachers etc.). This will also be a good year for academics and students who have great ability to explain and demonstrate his theories. In 2020 Sagittarius assume greater responsibilities both at work and in the family, and this will take time from your social life, but by choice. It will be a year of optimum fertility for Sagittarius, especially in the second half of the year. As for his health, will be presented generally good, but should take more precautions in this regard that in the previous year. There will be opportunities for travel related to work or studies in the second half of the year.

The most important achievements in 2020 for Sagittarius will be linked to the studies, body, travel, religion and spirituality. certain tensions in family relations at the end of the year will be generated. You will have to be very patient and little pride if you do not want the conflict will get out of hand and create a serious rupture. Very important will this year achieve family harmony. Not much chance of reform or removal for Sagittarius in 2020, although if necessary reforms or home repairs, the best months to make them are January and February. It is possible that children, siblings or other relatives of Sagittarius change from home, even city during 2020, or make important parts in their homes.

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