Horoscope Taurus 2020

Taurus predictions 2020

Throughout 2020 the most important influence feel the Taurus is Saturn in Scorpio. This planet has bad press, given the situations to which it is associated, which are not very pleasant at the time, and yet, after past the bitter pill, examination, found to have been a blessing.
Since last year the natives of the sign are living situations that somehow are limitations: They may have conflicts with authority figures, can see that their plans are delayed, they must redouble their strength to do what once took them less effort and they do not have much optimism and tenacity as usual. Saturn is a planet that seeks to make slow and good things: Taurus is characterized by being quite prudent in their actions, but is also sometimes stubborn when it encounters obstacles, which means that here we have the recipe for overexertion when things do not They turn out as expected.

Those born until May 3 will begin to feel some release: Begin to see the black clouds running, the rope is loosened, if they have been living the negative side of Saturn limits, obstacles, etc. If they can align with what this planet called, will begin to see during 2020 they received a powerful materializing influence that has allowed them to lay the foundation for something new. Those born between 4 and May 20 will experience the fullness of traffic for this year is likely situations that had been announcing from the previous year, both the constructive part of Saturn as its limiting part is now produced in all its glory. Again, it depends on the state in their structures, their ability to set limits, especially on the emotional level they are. If he can do with ease, this time will be easy: simply will exert an acquired capacity. If, however, order his life, especially the economic, work, relationships, something that costs you, Saturn will show in detail which requires a little more awareness and maturity to adjust it. Sometimes this comes through the most intimate relationships (partner, family, a close friend) that asks us to be realistic, we put limits or ordain us.

In parallel with the saturnine process, Taurus live constructive influences of other slow planets. Jupiter in Cancer will provide ease of communication, greater ability to empathize, to connect with the emotions of the other; It will be a year in which they can improve relations with siblings, neighbors, close relatives, especially until mid July. From July 16th, Jupiter brings optimism and good vibes to the home environment: The second half of the year is ideal for meetings, home improvement somehow, painting, buying decorative items or simply beautifying the environment that merit be refurbished. Those born between 1 and May 20 will enjoy a brimming optimism, good ideas, and a desire to expand intellectually. Projects that hitherto seemed impossible (study, travel) are now presented as a reality. Saturn since Scorpio can bring realism and solidity to these plans. Good opportunities will come until mid-July. When Jupiter enters Leo, those born between April 20 and May 10 will experience a greater need for expansion that can easily lead to excesses, especially economically. It will be good to measure their costs, which seek to monitor food and to think twice before making a project. Jupiter tends to be too optimistic at times, and in the second half of the year may feel more confident and feel more advantages that actually owns. Friends and groups in general will be an important issue during the year, especially for the natives of the first decanate (those born between April 21 and 27): They will feel that friends serve as their support, encouragement, thanks to Neptune’s presence in this sector. There will be possibility of greater understanding with others in general, and friends in particular.

Chiron joins Neptune’s influence and brings the blessing of healing the inner level: For those born between April 28 and May 19 will be a time of healing, both physical and mental, so if you want to start some kind medical or psychological treatment, the 2020 is the ideal time to do year. Saturn will support their efforts from Scorpio. Pluto from Capricorn opens the great opportunities of the year, clearing obstacles from the path, connecting with people of power and allowing him to advance. The privileged of the year will be born between April 28 and May 4, they may do his will connect with influential people or that will get what you want. The only thing to be careful, especially in the intellectual sphere is not believing it too, do not think that his word is the only one worth or have the truth in their hands. Jupiter opposition Pluto accentuates the ability of thought but can risk their fanatical ideas. This influence remains in effect until mid July 2020. Then, the look is disarmed. Until then, be careful what you think and say because it can be realized.

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