Horoscope Aquarius 2021

Predictions Aquarius 2021

Begins a cycle of twelve that will mobilize and give a new impetus to the social, economic and vital evolution. You give new meaning to things. Those aware and change linked Aquarius, prepared last year in your workshop the elements and tools you are about to use in 2021. You jump into the adventure of exploring differently your working, social and emotional activities, and your relationship with people. You are looser and more expansive. You want to renew your worldview. You settle your individual position and unfold the wings of freedom. It appears what gives real meaning to your life.
On the other hand, Aquarius who have trouble letting go of the old and getting on-board of the train of change, during 2021 can break of the previous model and soon after try to return to the past, or become immersed in a material and emotional chaos by not balancing duty with fantasy and the magic of life.
The challenge is to assume and gather personal strength creator of the transformation which grants independence with the ability to sustain commitments.

For years you have been suffering a constant staggering as if sailing without being able to touch land. This allowed dissolving part of the shell of your personality. The most evolved Aquarius have also suffered confusion, lack of vitality, abandonment, loss and disorders, but they understood the urgency of opening up to a new life philosophy, religion or different beliefs. By choice or by force, circumstances led you to apply a more realistic and practical perspective, and magical and sensitive at the same time. The key is to awaken to other dimensions of mind and spirit to experience the ordinary in an extraordinary way. In 2021, this will be more noticeable for those belonging to the third decade, those of the earlier decades will settle this opening.
Form September last year to November 2021, appear proof of how you have integrated the forces of the past, represented by the karmic or inherited structures, with the innovative forces, symbolized by the power of change present and future.

Delays, setbacks or conflicts you must overcome to reformulate differently your finances, shared money, sex, giving and taking with people important for you will occur successively. It requires you to make the necessary adjustments to these areas working better. You should use other resources you possess to promote progress on personal and in relationships matters.
If there is no commitment and love in the couple and in societies, there will tend to occur splits and ruptures. It is difficult to keep the bond based on old conventions. This fall under its own weight, but in some cases you can be a living dead. In 2021, those belonging to the third decade will face this challenge, and those of the first and second decades will continue settling the change.

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