Horoscope Cancer 2021

Predictions Cancer 2021

For several years have been arising circumstances that lead you to a new life style, Cancer. Different aspirations encouraged a higher energy display that has lead you to travel, change of vocation, studies, new interests in culture and science, contact with other regions or mobilization of legal matters. You created new businesses and loves. A new paradigm that allows you to grow in other respects is settled. In 2021, those born in the third decade will notice it more intensely and those from the former decade will be a part of the reform.
At the same time, during 2021, you realize that what took away your energy has left. At the end of the year there will remain a void that can be filled by something new. Your psyche is much revolutionized. Images, emotions, dissatisfactions and fears emerge.

Opportunity to clean waste impregnated in the form of anguish, resentment, sadness or sacrifices in vain. The key is to transform yourselves. Take off the old skin. The process of metamorphosis is hidden and mysterious, but in all cases speak of the pain caused by letting go the old, breaking the inertia. The more open you are, the feelings and thoughts will flow along. Then you will be lit up by a bright and clear sky.
The exchange occurs in the taking and giving. If you have given enough, you get hundredfold. Moment of public prosecution or for receiving recognition, gifts or money from others for having merit or proven generosity.
Until November 2021, you will pass a maturity test in the areas of siblings, relatives, environment, transactions, transfers, removals, writings, studies, procedures and communication. You will put in use new codes and ways to exchange your emotional and business world. The word plays a central role. Remember, fulfil and enforce it seriously and in consequence. There will be tension, setbacks and lots of activity. The events force you to permanently adjust strategies. Matters will move now and again and at the end of the period they will be placed in position.

In 2021, those born in the second and third decades will noticed it more, and those of the first decade will be in process of change settling.
Since last year, you began a long period that will shake the world of your love and social ties, and will cause an intense renewal in this regard. They remain standing those relationships that are conducive to your evolution and destiny will take the rest away to where they can be useful. Learning involves taking the essentials for your growth and leave what steals your vitality and is shallow. You must reinforce personal safety and real unions for you. Tip: look at how you exchange in your narrow and social ties. What is for you the power of love? Are you strong or weak in your relationships? What do you give and what do you take in return? In 2021, the ones of the first decade will be more affected, and the ones of the following decades will gradually begin to feel a wake-up call.

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