Horoscope Capricorn 2021

Predictions Capricorn 2021

For several years you have been showing a more open attitude towards values, resources and profits. If you refuse to let in a more subtle and vital energy in the field of money, misunderstandings, oversights, losses, hopes, disappointments, overconfidence or exaggerated expectations are heightened. Those who are well aspected, will develop the ability to attract money like a magnet. In the most daring and ambitious Goats, last year gave you a big boost in financial development or consolidation and personal fulfilment.
For five years, your mind have been very open. You unfold and let new thing enter your life. Are frequent travel, study and management of new media and codes in communication and transportation. Learning: do your way of thinking more flexible and compromise. You are more willing and daring to feel and try new flavours. In 2021, this will be noticed more intensely by those born in the third decade; those of previous decades will process the new ways.

In 2021 financial and personal growth will continue. The universe conspires to make higher your possibilities, you begin, solve or close financial movements. A financial cycle of twelve years begins in which you focus on a new rise of twelve steps. You asses what you grew materially and you plan how to continue. However, the romantics belonging to the third decade should be alert to incur itself loose.
Since last year, the tantric planet of transformation begins its long course of a quarter century. For fourteen years it will be located in the constellation of Capricorn. This will leave a hollow in your skin and in your soul. You will never be the same again. A change from roots that will leave planted in a real or essential place. Superfluous and unnecessary follow its course. Due to the degree of planetary transit, you will suffer shakings and shoving, especially if you are asleep or some stagnant. During 2021, it will felt by to those born in the first decade and the ones of the following decades begin to feel a glimpse of the approaching change.
Until November 2021, you will seek to forge a more hierarchical position to give you comfort. Your paradigma and ideas are rearranged differently.

You will give another value to the word and the way to associate and negotiate. Key: need for balance between duty and pleasure. You perceive mobilization on issues related to the environment, studies, siblings, relatives or transactions. There will be analysed and planned changes concerning relatives, transfers, work in other regions, calling, beliefs or legal matters. Also unexpected situations arise. After the comings and goings, interruptions and movements, a new order in your lifestyle will be set. During 2021, this will be noticed by those belonging to the second and third decades; the ones of the the first decade will install the chance.

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