Horoscope Gemini 2021

Predictions Gemini 2021

The old paradigm and obsolete convictions evaporated several years ago. You explore new dimensions of your mind and a magical atmosphere of infatuation to new people, ideals or situations. Transitions happen in your vocation, studies and legal matters, or cultural exchange with other regions with the in-laws or changes of residence.
During 2021, this will be accentuated for those born in all decades, since there adds the beginning of a cycle of twelve years in the areas mentioned. Key: you experience significant growth. Warning: for the dreamers, watch the excesses of idealism, if your working and social conditions are unsafe or you have little support, you take the risk of making a transformation that will not be as you thought. On the other hand, in certain moments you are confused; it is difficult to establish a new order in the profession, activity and the place you take in the world.
Learning lies in cooperating with the change, otherwise, you will not be able to keep a steady direction of certain objectives that vary without giving truce.
This matters you once thought had settled, are rearranging again so you find the way that will serve you and the community. In 2021, those born in the third decade perceive it and those of the previous decades still try to readjust the changes.

Since last year, the planet of metamorphosis remain more than ten years in the area of profits and sharing in financial companies, and in couples, inheritances, legacies, pensions, loans, mortgages, bank accounts, real estate, capital investments and taxes. The way you spiritually relate with others, the psyche, sexuality, conflicts and ties in the affective and commercial will also be mobilized. In 2021, those belonging to the first decade experience it harder and those of the following decades will be in the process of preparing the land for harvest.
Until November 2021, the aspects of coexistence and the profession will organize. This stage will define new conditions, positions and arrangements with loved ones depending on the social-professional perspective. For this reason many Gemini will change or recondition activity again. At the end of the transition, it will be possible to structure the growing that you glimpsed some time ago, provided you have sufficient merit.

Brave and committed Gemini, who in previous stages designed changes making good moves, are in the process of settling more solid foundation at home and in profession. This will require you a hard effort, there will be obstacles, challenges and impediments. But finally you give new significance to the basic pillar that sustains life: affections and work. The goal will be planning towards stability. During 2021, those born in the second and third decades will feel it more intensely and the ones from the first decade will be in a rearranging period.

Horoscope 2021