Horoscope Leo 2021

Predictions Leo 2021

For a couple of years, they have been swingeing times in which, sometimes, you ended up spinning like a child’s top. In the world of your intimate and committed relationships you experienced crises, unions, separations, material and emotional losses; and in some cases you still persist in solving problems with people of the past. For four years the weak links tend to dissolve. If you asked others for something that was not within their reach, you may be disappointed. Deep down, this feeling is towards yourselves. Now you look more human and credible. You should focus on overcoming your fears, fantasies and unfulfilled expectations regarding the couple and the social matters. Try to build up your defences by practicing sports and letting yourselves carry away in the love flow in a more natural way. In 2021, those of the third decade will experience it and those of the previous decades will settle the restructuring.

During 2021, couple, health and activity areas will be the most mobilized. You will rearrange differently. If indeed you are willing for encounter and social progress, you will get opportunities from the environment. Crushes, unions, agreements and alliances will occur. Those belonging to the third decade be aware not get lost in the magical mazes of illusion or being carried away by a crazy fantasy that can cost you. The expectation, generosity and enthusiasm will show up through others.
Last year you began a long period that will last fourteen years and will leave a hollow in your work field, health, collaborators, assistants, employees, employers and pets. It will be a cleansing and liberating stage. However, by the nature of the transit, if your body and your routine are a source of dissatisfaction or sacrifice, problems will happen. Become aware of the cause of the discomfort and get to work to make a change.

Until November 2021, it will be necessary to overturn your personal and shared finances. Money will be actively involved in marital and financial partnerships, real estate, bank accounts, inheritance, insurance and state or tax matters, loans and capital movements. Key: ensures your financial situation and make a plan B to handle them. Through discipline and practice you build a different way to win, share, give and receive money which gives more pleasure and interest to you and the other.

Financial readjustment, in some cases, abrupt. You will place in a new position. The challenge is to implement a financial change policy that settle bases differently, that secure and rises the capital. It is a time to create the structure that will work from 2021. Until the end of the transit there will be delays and setbacks, but persevering worth it. During 2021, those belonging to the second and third decades will notice this; the ones of the first decade will be in process of change integration.

Horoscope 2021