Horoscope Libra 2021

Predictions Libra 2021

For years, there have been frequent adaptations and mutations affecting the task, health and the way you deal with employees, employers or pets. You crave a lifestyle that involves a freer or alternative routine. You will also connect differently with the magic of love, with music, fantasy, children, lovers and artistic expressions. It is higher your desire to love, expand your horizons, feel yourselves and others. In 2021, this will be collected more intensely for those born in the third decade; those of previous decades will set on motion the new ways.
This year what has been described in the previous paragraph will be increased. Unions, romance, courtship, creative expressions and the relationship between parents and children are wrap in freshness, enthusiasm and excitement. You experience a greater sense of freedom that will help you externalize your feelings, falling in love and expanding your horizons. At times, you will be flying high carried by a dream, a wish or a hope.

You notice you have greater self-confidence and strength to achieve your goals and cope with responsibilities. This attitude will work to attract the possibilities spreading out. If you do not keep your feet on the ground, you tend to be part of a fable product of a mirage; more involved those belonging to third decade. In other area, which continues from the previous year and involves important outcomes, is family, affections, belonging and roots.
Since last year, the planet of profound metamorphosis will get settled for fourteen years on the platform of your being: primary links, family, coexistence, housing and the birthplace you represent from where you project yourself to the world. In general, Libra reject the unpleasant or conflict. However, the transformation will be presented, in many cases radically and sometimes outright rude by nature of the transit, even if you offer resistance or will not address the problem. In 2021, those born in the first decade undertake a substantial restructuring process in the central axis: home and business; those of the following decades feel the first wake up call.

Until November 2021, you let the old fall and dead like dry leaves in autumn. It is not advisable you embark on major projects, you cannot build on sand and later you will realize that desire is outdated with respect to true need. You will have many things to solve, but feel lack of energy, confusion and contingencies. Although there is a possibility to fulfil dreams of the past, you lack interest. Tip: finish what you have started and leave what you thought you were to let something new grow on you. During 2021, this will be felt more by those of the second and third decades; the ones of first decade will be in the period of adaptation of the change.

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