Horoscope Pisces 2021

Predictions Pisces 2021

For years, Pisces, you are experiencing the need to break free, to stop doing worn, crystallized things. Anything that turned static needs recreation. There is room for all kinds of improvisations, reissues and unforeseen or full of audacity events. The risk means giving up something archaic, getting off of yourselves an old skin mask, to stop doing what you have been doing before, changing place, role. In short, for five years the challenge aims to get rid of old clothing and use a new suit. Learning is releasing a more authentic character.
At times, this can manifest through a rebellious behavior, but based to build and, in other cases, through a confrontation with authorities and limits. In 2021, this will be noticed more by those born in the third decade deanery and those of the previous decades will settle a personal change.

In 2021, your sensitivity will be increased, you will be more open to others. If you focus on your axis and you are healthy, you can capture and incorporate more spiritual dimensions. But if you have an ailment or imbalance, and you do nothing, it can become a physical or occupational chronic discomfort. Anyway, make up how to direct what is stuck.

You go to your laboratory and check the tools you will use to start a new cycle of growth next year. You sow the seed and will prepare yourselves to be reborn. It is favorable to know which are the areas of your life that need to incorporate improvements. What resources will you use to deploy the new development?
Until November 2021, will be accentuated the stress, the demands or confrontation in relationships, financial companies, and in general, with the environment. Will suffer this less those who have built internal authority, because they are more self-sufficient. Adversities will occur, but these Fishes will take more work with greater temperance and will move forward more graceful.
You will feel in demand. Responsibilities become obligations or loads. Because of situations with others delays, setbacks and frustrations arise. You are subject to the control and the rules of the established order. There is a clash between what you want to be and what you want to do, and between what circumstances offer you and at the same time demand of you.

It is likely that some Fish should take charge of your partner or someone else and give them support. Finally, your ability to sustain yourself and / or others will be tested.
Is it possible that you achieve an alliance between individual freedom or whatever you like to do and the responsibilities acquired with your loved ones? During 2021, this will be noticed by those born in the second and third decades. The ones of the first decade will take part of the restructuring in the individual aspect, with the couple and the world.

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