Horoscope Sagittarius 2021

Predictions Sagittarius 2021

For some years the way you relate, communicate and move, as links with relatives and friends, had varied. Your mind became more poetic and vital. This results in magical and synchronistic encounters with related people with whom you display empathy and sensitivity. Moreover, for five years the desire for freedom and spiritual awakening had manifested as the need to get off you old shell or layers.
Affected areas of coexistence, family, housing, maternity, membership and roots. Many Sagittarius felt that had been ripped off of your more comfortable area. However, those who on your own initiative jumped on the bandwagon of change, innovated ties with loved ones because you accepted your shortcomings.

This led you to redesign the core of your being: the affections. During 2021, these will be more accentuated for those born in the third decade; those of previous decades will settle the new formula.
This 2021, adds another astral energy that will propel you to move out, travel, try another way of life, study, write, enjoy or strengthen links with biological or heart siblings. The more perky and accessible you are, you will attract various mental and emotional aspects. You, who like so much to learn, ready to receive people with great intellectual or material or expert communication skills. They will be the carriers of opportunities that foster significant improvements in the way you manage. Creatives and artists will receive more inspiration, joy and wonder; especially those belonging to the third decade that will be spellbound by a moonbeam.
Since last year, renewal is settled for fourteen years in the field of finances and values, forever changing the way you perceive profits. During 2021, those born in the first decade will be influenced; those of the following decades have a glimpse of the looming metamorphosis.

In November 2021, one cycle of almost thirty years, linked to the place you occupy in the world. 2021 represents a constructive step that will require great tenacity and rectification of labour and social machine. You will experience setbacks, delays and excess responsibilities in routine, in living or family.
If you were persevering in previous periods, your status will rearrange and consolidate through new commitments, methods and guidelines. You get recognition for your abilities.
You will fulfil the objectives planned with determination, showing how far you can get; at the end of transit you find the desired social position, especially deserved. Tip: Do not bite off more than you can hold, but do not run away from your obligations, they symbolize the growth opportunity. Finally professional-social and home structures take a more practical and realistic way. During 2021, it will be noticed by those of the third decade; the first decade will be in the process of integration of the new ways.

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