Horoscope Scorpio 2021

Predictions Scorpio 2021

2021 will be a period of creativity, wonder and greater ease to recreate the lifestyle. The fields with novelties are those of children, lovers and sentimental and artistic expression. Favourable time to explore places, sheds and new characters. Key: designing a new position in the world that meets your desires. Since 2019 you tend to suffer loss of vitality, confusion about purpose, hopes, disappointments and excessive sacrifices for the loved ones. In 2021, this will be noticed by those born in the third decade; those of previous decades integrate the new formula.
This year, you would reconsider how relocating in regard family and social-work in order to develop yourself. For this reason, you will refine the goals that give strength and drive to the pillar of your life: home and work. Come to light the good and the bad about coexistence and on you profession. It is remarkable how Scorpio of the first decade, in the first half of the year will take a new existential and physical direction.
And those born in the second and third decades will guided or embody efforts relating to communication, travel, studies, contracts or transactions.

From last year, the planet of metamorphosis is moving, for fourteen years, around studies, knowledge, transfers, moving, communication and relationships with relatives and the environment. In its long course it will cause a deep groove in these areas, thanks to the unusual and extraordinary power it will bring you to restructure. You will cross the great waters and plant a different flag. During 2021, this will be experienced by those belonging to the first decade; those of the following decades will soon feel the transition ahead.
Until November 2021, it will be a time in which is prioritize the new. So you assimilate what you learned and you integrate the above mentioned.

You restructures the way you interact with children, lovers, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends, teams and organizations. Things will be disordered and at the end of the transit they will be arranged differently. Your cravings to get rid of old situations sometimes lead you to confront with people you love or rebel against conditions that hinder you. Weak relationships succumb and the strong ones grow. Your artistic and emotional style and image will change.
You establish a more mature and innovative connection with others. You prepare and you set another life project with a simple and effective structure. Despite certain drawbacks and unforeseen, fate conspires in your favour. The conditions exist to create and begin the construction of a new plan that will leave behind people, work or uncomfortable situations and not related to the new ambitions and needs. During 2021, this will be perceived by those born in the second and third decades; those of the first one will be processing the new order.

Horoscope 2021