Horoscope Taurus 2021

Predictions Taurus 2021

For years you have felt a wave that revolutionized your life project, friendships, ideals, work in organizations and teams. This has happened naturally and caused you release and the opening of new doors. At the same time, your social image, status and profession profile mutate again and again. This will cause states of confusion, delays, the resurgence of old sorrows and bitterness or, at times, disorientation regarding your role in this world. In 2021, those born in the third decade will be more mobilized and the former decades will be in the process of reorganizing the adjustments that had occurred.

Until November 2021, what has been described above will be configured in a way that you can program and define situations in order to achieve permanence and consolidation of certain vital structures. Learning this transit is to feel more comfortable and happy with who you are and occupy a larger and more solid place in life. This process of character consolidation will enable you to express your authority, be different and join social and work groups more freely, but compromised.
You remake your personal style. Responsibility with children, creations, boyfriends/girlfriends or lovers will transform rebellion or instability into inner support. You will manifest on more genuine way what your heart feels.
Last year, the key to the Taurus was embarking on the adventure to reveal the goal and ignite enthusiasm. From next year destiny will show you how to walk the new path through freshest and genuine feelings.
Therefore, during 2021, the challenge is to be yourself, to strengthen, to be what you want and skilfully exploit the opportunities the environment offers you to place you in a more strategic social position. In 2021, those of the second and third decades will be most affected and the ones of the first decades will settle in the reform.
2021 is a year to express what you have to give socially and professionally; it is a time of spiritual and material reward and gratification. The society will thank you for your services.

The Taurus who persevered in your career settle the operations base, cultivate deserve public recognition and significant growth opportunities in your profession or the work you do. Warning: the dreamers belonging to the third decades should be watchful to avoid falling into an illusion for having created false expectations of a physical or emotional condition that promised wealth and improvements.
Last year, you began a period of fourteen years which will cause a radical change in your ideas and your philosophy. You will perform examinations, studies, travel, publications, and changes in vocation, residence, work or way of working. Legal matters, laws and cultures will also be activated. In 2021, those born in the first decade will notice it and the ones of the second and third decades pave the way for such mutations.

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