Horoscope Virgo 2021

Predictions Virgo 2021

For many years you have noticed some confusion, openness, swings, magic and awareness in the field of routine, work, health, employees, employers and pets. During 2021, those born in the third decade will experience this more intensely and the ones of the previous decades are settling the change.
In 2021, a cycle of twelve that will innovate the labour field and the physical and psychological integrity will begin. You think about an evolution in these areas. You give new meaning to your habits, welfare, body, daily activity, relationships to the working group, workers and pets. You work on small changes that you need to incorporate for physical labour and machinery to work better. Learning is regaining enthusiasm in what you do daily and appreciate the body with more humility and gratitude.

Last year began a planetary movement that will last many years. It shows a reward for those Virgo who want to fulfil your goals, factors and resources will be given so that the changing power arises, revitalize you and grow green again those areas that were underground waiting to sprout. During 2021, the natives of the first decade will notice this effects and the ones of the posterior decades will feel a glimpse of what lies ahead.

In the month of November 2021, it begins a cycle of nearly thirty years. You stablish a new order based on other responsibilities, methods and tasks that will require sacrifice and mastery of you. Finally, you will settle more compact and lasting foundations to capture the creative process. You work hard and hold the routine consistently. There is little returning from the environment. You go through tests of maturity in which you use the potentials and resources that you have at hand and, on the other hand, you confront your limitations and weaknesses. You stick to your own measure: not much, not too little. This means you do what you can sustain over time.

Even if you are looking for security and stability in your actions, you will not lack unforeseen concerns, restrictions and stress to keep you restless or upset. You establish new guidelines in order to settle yourselves more firmly, and, at the same time, you need to recreate the relationship and speak fluently with ease with those around you. However, have in mind that the circumstances will bring greater isolation, resignations, work closures and fluctuations. You determine what you take and what to leave behind. You will finally reissue in yourselves a restored being. You will adapt to a more comfortable place in the close relationships you have.
The weak link does not resist; the environment and social circles are renewed frequently or suffer interruptions. Key: strengthen assurance and self-confidence and develop a more open and flexible stance with the others. During 2021, those of the second and third decades will notice this; the ones of the first decade will make the changes.

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