Horoscope Aquarius 2022

Predictions Aquarius 2022

Romance and Friendship

Venus, planet of love and romance, will transit and mirror your relationship and partnership sectors during the months of January, April, May, June, July, September and December and strong attractions are possible at this time, or you may have a greater intensity in your present relationship. For singles, you may consider settling down, getting married and raising a family. If you feel you are caught in an emotional rut and are getting nowhere with your love life, negative changes are more likely to occur between June and July. The external changes you experience in personal relationships during these months may be the direct result of internal restlessness going on within you or your partner. Throughout this year, with Pluto’s transit in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, you will be faced with new issues and problems in your relationships, especially those whom you may work with and you may be required to develop new ways of expressing yourself emotionally to others.

New emotional situations may develop that place you in a vulnerable situation and your emotional control will be difficult and personal feelings erratic. You may be overwhelmed one day and detached or cool the next. Throughout this year, Neptune in Pisces could influence you to say or do things without really considering the long-term emotional consequences, but then, this might free you up to make necessary changes quickly and easily. During the month of February, March, June, August, September, and November Venus will clash with an array of planets influencing excitement and stimulation together with anger and frustration through your love relationships. However, delusion and restlessness will be hard to control and care should be taken throughout these months as arguments or disillusionment may occur over trivial issues, or because of what you or your partner say or do.

Singles may have difficulty maintaining harmony with friends or potential lovers, due to their tendency to flirt or expect impossible romantic ideals. Emotions may be tainted or seasoned by events or complexes from the past, and you could be reliving a past event. Throughout this year your feelings seem more volatile, intense or even overwhelming. Emotional reasoning could be based on emotional factors and simply defy logic. This is a time to become more aware of manipulations and psychological games in a relationship. You may merely perceive these influences or you may be directly involved, playing either manipulator or manipulated. Emotional blackmail and manipulation only work if you allow another person to have control over some portion of your life. As soon as you begin to control yourself and take responsibility for your own well-being, manipulators lose all power.

Those Aquarians who are not happy in an existing relationship may decide to move out of home and find tranquillity in a different environment. Domestic changes are likely and a certain amount of disruption and emotional disappointment may transpire in the home throughout 2022 if care is not taken. If you are not involved totally in a permanent partnership, you could start a new relationship, or renew an old one this year. For those Aquarians who are happy and secure in their existing partnership, planetary aspects in 2022 will influence a stronger bond with a new freedom and excitement as you both break away from old habits, past restrictions and worries, and experiment with new ideas, interests and methods to make the relationship more interesting and less routine. Happiness is assured with an opportunity to create a deeper bond and soulmate relationship with your partner. You may decide to escape far away together for an exciting holiday, or some may renew their marriage vows at a romantic venue. People in the signs of Aries, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn may have a strong emotional influence in your destiny this year.

Career and Work

Jupiter will transit Taurus until 11th June and mirror your sector of business, worldly ambitions, employment, work commitments, daily chores and opportunities. During this year you may be attracted to different career opportunities or you may commence a new profession in finances, banking, computing science, medicine, aviation, military, television, media or education. During this cycle many important career or job opportunities will come your way; the more eager you are to work, the more you are likely to earn. With energetic Mars assisting you in your incomes sectors from January to July, you may have an aggressive business style or energetic attitude towards your career tasks. Expect many added responsibilities throughout this year, as you work harder either to get ahead or stay ahead. Competition from other businesses or co-workers can provide the impetus towards greater productivity, but many times throughout 2022 you will be in competition with yourself.

There may or may not be a specific change in the work environment that indicates this need to switch into high gear, however your batteries will be highly charged and ready to take on the world if you need to. This is a good year to focus on new responsibilities and your management skills and use the energy surge for both immediate career goals and long-term developments. During 2022, you should take the initiative and capitalise on your ability to be self-motivating; if you procrastinate, trouble may brew. Projects that require originality, independent work and/or aggressive action are suited to your style now, so you should try new techniques, tools and directions. Use this 2022 cycle to initiate a new beginning, project, gain recognition or a promotion, achieve your ambitions or start your own business. Professional success can result from independent efforts, and as a rule, you will prefer working alone.

Specific situations may be consistent with your success, such as working on a commission basis and trying to land the big deal; attracting new clients, particularly those requiring active pursuit; and starting a new business or relocating an old one to a new area, since you must hustle to make things work, break even or move ahead. Throughout this year, you may feel you are not working in the right direction and this could make things very frustrating for you with your present employer or career responsibilities. This is the year to move on to bigger and better locations for employment, as your future success is guaranteed. If you are not self-employed, or do not have the freedom to work independently, clashes with authority figures are likely, especially in February, April, May, August and September. At times you may be motivated by your boss’s demands, but generally, tension between you and upper management will build into a stressful situation for one reason or another. High-pressure situations and workaholic tendencies may be associated with this year and if your boss is too demanding, your heavy workload will be overwhelming or will seem impossible to achieve at times.

You can accomplish a great deal this year, but do not do so at the expense of your mental or physical health. Do not allow workaholic tendencies to prevent you from going on vacation, playing your favourite sport or relaxing with family and friends. It is important that you practise relaxation techniques and take time off to ease your nervous system. It is also important to learn to control, deflect or address tension-producing issues. Throughout this year, you can expect an expansion and improvement that will affect your employment, happier working conditions, better facilities, rewards and satisfaction. Some will change their employment in a direction that has more challenge and direct contact with the general public such as the travel or hospitality industry.

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