Horoscope Libra 2022

Predictions Libra 2022

Romance and Friendship

Your ruling planet Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will transit Gemini from 3 April to 7 August and during this cycle you can expect communication, travel, social encounters and happiness with family and friends. During these months you should make the most out of your love life as these are the best times in the year to form new relationships, marry or plan to increase your family. During this cycle you will also endeavour to patch up any flaws or difficulties that have occurred in your emotional life in the past and make important decisions about your future emotional security. Your relationships have a solid future; you should be alert to any discreet chance to make progress in your romantic pursuits.
If you have felt dragged down in the past about getting nowhere in your love life, rest assured that after 5 October Saturn, the planet of limitation, will move out of your own sector and transit the sign of Scorpio, ending a long period of restriction. A strong air of optimism and positive thinking will lead to much greater happiness as you work with your partner as a team in achieving your joint goals. Some singles will contemplate marriage during this year and success is indicated. During March, whilst Venus transits Taurus, you may decide on a joint financial deal such as purchasing a dwelling together. Throughout 2022, be careful of mercenary motives that could cause changes in relationships in the month of July and August. You may also be called upon to help a family member or take care of a loved one who needs your assistance. Don’t be a martyr to everyone who thinks they need you.

You can reflect upon your feelings and examine them this year without letting them control you. Whatever changes need to be made in your personal and family life can be made with confidence. Trust and love work hand in hand during this 2022 cycle and you can be guaranteed of long-term emotional happiness. A spiritual understanding will always be present throughout this year. It is also a year when new friendships will develop and lots of exciting romantic developments are indicated. Personal plans can be made with a happy outcome; you will show a new you and others will notice your flair. An invitation to an important social event between the months of October and December may have a touch of mystery about it, or you may mix business with pleasure to achieve your emotional goals with a person of substance.

When Venus enters Scorpio from 22 November to 17 December, you may have a general sense of well-being and the urge to comfort your partner and other members of your family with an announcement of travel. You may also feel in a rather nurturing and protecting mood between November and December. Something very important and deep in your emotional life may also haunt you during this period, or a few skeletons may surface from the woodwork and cause a little embarrassment. You may also feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings, your past and other personal subjects, which will build closeness and trust in your relationships. You are clearer and objective about personal matters this year and overall it is a favourable time to iron out differences or come to a decision on what you expect in a long-term relationship. Communicating openly with loved ones throughout 2022 is a must if you wish your relationships to stay balanced.

You are able to share feelings, interests, and concerns openly and honestly with others. You find that you can be more candid than usual without insulting or being rude to the other person. The reverse is also true, and you are more willing and ready to receive suggestions from others. If there is a person you feel uncomfortable with, or with whom it is difficult to communicate, this is an excellent year to break the frosty wall between you and clear away the confusion. Even if your relationship with your spouse, family members and close friends is already very open and loving, you will still find that this is a time when you can gain an even greater appreciation, love, and respect for them. Some will start a relationship with an age, background or cultural difference, or will spend many hours on the internet communicating with a prospective mate. Love is grand this year providing you compromise, avoid possessiveness and maintain patience.

Career and Work

The zodiac signs of Pisces and Cancer rule your sectors of business, career, profession, services rendered or received, including your worldly ambitions and goals. During the months of January, February, August and September, Venus, planet of nice surprises and opportunities, will transit your work and service sectors; don’t be at all surprised if you receive a new business or job offer, promotion, transfer or take a complete change of direction. With Saturn, planet of hard work and determination, also in your own sign until October, your responsibilities will increase and a sense of expansion will manifest itself through your organisational abilities. Success will depend on the faith you have in your own ideas.
Throughout 2022 you may have the opportunity to participate or work with societies, organisations, groups, clubs, or charitable affiliations. You will have the ability to organise and plan enterprises to your own and your superiors’ satisfaction. During the first six months of this year Mars, the planet of hard work and demanding principles, will enable you to carry out your proposed work programs without the hassles and delays you have encountered in the past. Expect the tempo of events around your workplace or daily routine to pick up substantially especially in the months of January, February, May, July and August. Pressure could be great during these months and you should watch your health and any stress-related ailments as you may bite off more than you can chew. You may even become short-tempered with co-workers or those you contact on a daily basis and you may also experience delays, frustrations, complications or frustrations with your business or career plans.

You will have a huge increase of self-esteem and confidence in your own ability during the months of October and November when Mars drives a hard bargain through your communication sector of Sagittarius. During this period, the world is your oyster. Your financial opportunities are great at this time and you may be surprised who will assist you through any rough roads in your career. Luck seems to be on your side. For those contemplating the sale of a business, a major career or job change during these months, you could not pick a better time. With Venus in your money and business sector during the months of March, November and December, good profits and gains can be made, and most transactions should run smoothly.
Mars will add the finishing touches to all those difficult and demanding tasks, enabling you to cement the year and put your feet up for a change during the last two months of 2022. Throughout this busy working year, you will have the necessary willpower, initiative and determination to get you through any endeavour. Those contemplating a new direction after finishing higher education may lean towards working on independent projects, or go one step further and create their own businesses, becoming self-employed. You may also find yourself involved with or developing new skills in the field of computers, television, journalism, theatre, music, art, law or teaching. One thing is for sure: whatever you choose to do this year will be successful and profitable in the long-term.

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