Horoscope Pisces 2022

Predictions Pisces 2022

Romance and Friendship

Venus transits your own sign during January and February and during this period you will show increased emotional and sexual activity, together with a great desire to settle into your nest. Many Piscean singles will consider marriage or decide to start a family this year. Venus will form some extraordinary planetary aspects to assist in your romantic and emotional relationships and if you are looking for happiness and emotional security, this is the year you will find it. From January to July, Mars will slowly transit the zodiac sign of Virgo and you may feel a little pressure with responsibilities versus your love life. Don’t be at all surprised if you have to make a few little compromises during these months, otherwise you may find your partner making some big demands regarding the future of your relationship.

You may have a destiny link with a Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio and what a powerful combination this will be. When a Pisces has a partnership with any of these signs they could be in for more than lust and physical fireworks as the emotional and sexual qualities between these signs could get very intense during the last three months of this year. If you are single or in a de facto relationship, you may wish to consider settling down in a more permanent living arrangement or marriage. Uranus and Pluto will join forces this year and this will have a strong influence on relationships, indicating a seesawing, all-ornothing lifestyle connection during the year. You may need time alone to sort out or take care of your own emotional interests and work out the direction you wish to proceed. Some singles will consider going into seclusion to avoid superficial and unnecessary social contacts with friends and loved ones.

Take care throughout 2022 that you are not used and abused in your relationships with others; throughout the year you could be plagued by the demands of several neighbours and friends who will constantly call on you for help. You may not mind helping others, but your generous personality will allow the demands of others to become excessive and eventually you will find you are running around after others with little or no time for yourself. You may consider shutting the door to certain relationships, especially those that create heartache for you. Escapism is a word you should avoid: when you are confronted with an emotional situation or problem, meet it head-on and don’t try to go around or avoid the issue otherwise you could find yourself in serious street with no escape route. The ability to accept more responsibility with or for each other will be enhanced this year. Marriage, raising children and purchasing a home together are three common events that reflect this year’s change.

For singles, your relationship will gain more stability because of a new definition of purpose and intent. Don’t hide your feelings from the person you wish to love, tell it as it is. For those who basically love a close friend but have never told them, you will pluck up the courage to venture into the relationship head-on and do something about it. For those who are happy in an existing relationship, you have nothing to fear; this is your year to make your life more secure. Throughout 2022 you may find yourself setting up a more protective environment free from the cares of the world. A sensitive situation may arise that requires tact and diplomacy. Pleasant relationships with family and friends make this a happy year when favours can be asked and help will be given. Children may influence your year or you may meet someone with an age or background difference that appeals to you. As long as you understand what is going on between your partner and yourself throughout 2022 and don’t demand the impossible, this year will bring some fascinating surprises in your love life.

Career and Work

During the months of January to June, Jupiter will influence your sector of interviews, meetings, routine matters, short journeys, contact with important people and signing contracts. You may feel a little bored with your daily routine during this time and look for a career or business opportunity with more challenge and personal satisfaction. However, don’t be at all surprised if you have to wait until July onward before you really find your real direction. From July until the end of 2022, Mars will transit your sector of finance, studies, training, career, worldly goals, profession, status, ambition, business prestige and achievements. This will be one of the most important times in your life, as you strive to achieve more than you have ever done before. Important changes you make in your business, profession, career and daily routine will have a lasting effect on your future. You appear to have come to a fork in the road, and your psychological response to the options offered during these months sets the pattern for future growth in the years ahead.

Many will decide on an entirely new profession or job this year. You can expect to change direction into an exciting new venture, travel, accept a financial package, or you may be in a position to retire and do your own thing. This year will certainly give all working Pisceans an opportunity to forge ahead in your career positions, acquiring power and authority through promotion or transfer. Changes are occurring on both external and internal levels, so both job and attitudinal changes are likely. If you own and operate your own company or small business, it is time to reassess your goals for the future, and the way you do business in the present. Throughout the first six months of 2022 certain practices or structures may limit your future business. You may choose to expand, streamline or shut down and move on to greener pastures. Any career or job problems must be addressed this year and whatever you plan to initiate, the transition will probably evolve over a year’s time.

If you are employed by government or a multinational company you might wish to change jobs and direction, especially if old professional pursuits are no longer satisfying. On the other hand, you may instil new life into your old job by taking on greater responsibility and introducing new concepts, tasks and philosophies to your manager or co-workers. This may lead to a changed job description, or future career possibilities and promotions. Your ambitions will be implied in everything you do this year and advancement is possible for those who are willing to work for it, or are able to negotiate the corporate power structure. A compulsive push for success throughout 2022, especially from August to December, will enable you to make career moves that propel you up the career ladder and into a higher professional bracket. Use your ambition to hang in there for the long haul and finish those long-term projects that are crucial to your advancement.

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