Horoscope Sagittarius 2022

Predictions Sagittarius 2022

Romance and Friendship

Saturn will influence your close friendships and social sector until early October, creating a more stable and serious influence with your emotions when dealing with others. During the months of April to August lovable Venus will oppose your sign bringing you lots of surprises and a variety of connections with people from different backgrounds. This opposition may also influence sudden changes in your personal and marital relationships throughout the year. For some Sagittarians, this can mean a sudden attraction and the excitement of a new love or a renewal of a past relationship. Involvements may be very strong or very quick, and may or may not have staying power for a long-term relationship; however, you will have lots of fun.

New relationships might eventually lead to something more permanent or marriage. Loose associations will be common for some; friends become lovers and some love relationships seem more like friendships. Occasionally, relationships and attractions will be less than conventional and you may decide on having an affair with a married individual or a long-distance romance through the internet. Expect big changes with your relationships in the second half of this year; you may be a fanatic with your emotions and probably drive people crazy. This is a year when you will search for a close partnership from your heart rather than forming a relationship based on intellect. During October and November, when Mars motors through your sun sign, you may feel rather boisterous and egotistical.

With Uranus moving slowly through your entertainment, outdoors and romance sector, you may not be easy to get along with or live with at times throughout 2022 due to your impulsive and restless nature. Be extra careful during February, March, April, June, August, October and November when Venus undergoes a critical aspect with an assortment of planets. Your mood may be unpredictable and confusing, causing a general ambience of disruption that may permeate all partnerships, whether old or new, if you are not careful. Difficult relationships may end or become on-again, off-again s, but for those in a healthy relationship, changes will occur within the relationship itself and do not indicate a break in ties or a loss of commitment to one another. You or your partner may have a desire for greater freedom and openness.

For some Sagittarians the changes may involve a loss of comfort and stability, but also a gain in newness and excitement. For example, the birth of a child will bring both disruption and excitement to the new parents. Gone is the relaxing comfort of a stable schedule; expectations and behavioural patterns that you have taken for granted in the past may now be nonexistent. New patterns must emerge throughout 2022, but while the necessary adjustments are being made, the continuing disruption can cause difficulties and temporary distancing between you and the people involved. Any strong change can cause this disruption in established relationship patterns. Common examples are relocation, retirement, extended travel and changes in the number of people living with you at home. Joint financial changes are also likely this year and especially in July and August could create disagreements due to an assortment of planetary aspects. If you are involved in a new and exciting relationship, you may give up your present home and job to relocate to his or her area and you may dispose of much of what you own before the move.

Career and Work

Saturn’s transit through the sign of Libra until early October will restrict certain communications regarding new jobs or promotions. However, between January and June lucky Jupiter in transit through your working sector will certainly change your attitude about employment and you should push ahead with all your future plans. When Saturn moves into the zodiac sign of Scorpio from October to December, this will influence a more serious and determined side to your nature, especially in the type of work you wish to pursue. During this year you will have numerous opportunities to follow a different direction as Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, continues its long transit through Aries. Some will take a different tack with employment when choosing a professional direction or business opportunity. Some may even decide to give up their present position and retire near the coast or on the land doing your own thing.

For many, you may enjoy employment that involves travel, sales, marketing, public relations, communication, technology, journalism, screenwriting, real estate or hospitality. Lucky Jupiter will transit Gemini from June this year for a 12-month cycle and this transit can set you up for a big financial change for the better through new employment offers. If you wish to better your opportunities throughout 2022 then consider branching out into a professional career or further your studies at college and university; it will be worth your while. Professional success can be achieved for some in the fields of accountancy, economics, law, private investigation, corporate management, biochemistry, dietetics or services to humanity.

Neptune will enter Pisces for a long haul from February and during this cycle you will have an opportunity to build your bank account through promotions or better job conditions. You may also find yourself involved with libraries, computers, research, technology and travel in connection with your employment. For those Sagittarians who are considering medicine as a profession, 2022 is a positive year for the commencement or completion of studies; success is indicated. Thanks to constant work opportunities in the second half of this year, you will have many offers through new contracts and agreements. You have the ability to direct your energies in an organised and disciplined way and you will know when to run or when to stay. Your constructive energy levels will allow you to take control of any situation you are involved in and make a clean sweep for success.

During this year your opinions will be many. Pluto in the business sign of Capricorn will give you the authority you need to stand your ground over any issue or person that may oppose your plans and ideas. The most positive manifestation of Uranus in Aries is your ability to be open to new information and new ways of looking at life without prejudice or judgement. For school leavers and those hoping to enter the workforce for the first time, rest assured you have luck on your side and job opportunities will be offered to you. Success is yours for the taking, but you must look inside yourself for the answers and have a positive outlook when you encounter the odd setback. Intense and powerful experiences will change your viewpoint in wonderful ways this year, so be prepared to strike while the iron is hot.

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