Horoscope Scorpio 2022

Predictions Scorpio 2022

Romance and Friendship

If you are single, you may decide to settle down this year, marry and start a family. If you are already married with children, their future development will be important to you and you will give them all the encouragement and assistance you can. With Saturn in transit through Libra until July, don’t be at all surprised if some emotional or sexual limitations cause concern between your partner and yourself. This may include abstinence, impotence or frigidity in extreme cases, or a general lack of sexual and emotional fulfilment. Critical judgements of yourself or others can also inhibit your sexual performance. Issues outside of the bedroom, such as emotional power, dominance, and restriction, may also affect emotional and sexual interchanges. Limitations may also occur for a variety of reasons: stress, your partner’s absence through work, your partner’s ill health or an inability to function well are indicated.

For a few, sex will be less enjoyable this year, especially if it is rushed, occurring in inconvenient locations or under stressful circumstances. This is especially true for those who are involved in an extramarital affair that is getting nowhere. If you cannot fully relate to your partner or friend, you may view the act more as a responsibility than a pleasure. From January until June, when Mars transits Virgo, you definitely don’t want to be the centre of attention and yet you’re so vivacious and amiable you attract people to you. This may includes a new love interest. Sex and its psychological, sociological, medical and spiritual implications are likely to be a topic of major interest at this time and you may consult advice from a professional. You may also be conducive to very deep thinking, including thoughts about your own and loved ones’ security.

If you really want to let your emotions go with someone this year, then don’t hesitate, as it will be reciprocated by the opposite sex, especially when Jupiter enters Gemini in June. When Venus connects with Mars in the months of February, March, April, June, September and November your interest in the opposite sex is likely to grow and you may become involved in with a new partner, or renew an old relationship. Unexpected emotional changes will occur this year due to the eclipses’ effect in your horoscope in May and November. If you’re looking for excitement and are very impatient with routine emotional and sexual expression, then you will engage in a new relationship throughout 2022 that will probably be exciting, though it is unlikely to be too secure. Be practical this year some Scorpios may have a great desire to explore new territory or be impulsive and daring. Overall your personal relationships should run reasonably smoothly and increased happiness is assured, providing you compromise and use a little patience.

Career and Work

With Uranus in a slow transit through Aries, don’t be at all surprised if you are thrown into the spotlight through your career recognition is assured. With Mars in Virgo for the first six months of this year, you can expect increasing status for those already self-employed or wishing to venture out on your own. If you work in large enterprises, you could be promoted to a managerial level and your personal fortunes increased as a result. Saturn, planet of fiscal policy, responsibility and heavy going, will slowly transit through Libra and mirror your sector of career, worldly goals, services to the public and personal recognition. You may find petty annoyances will be common either in your business or with your work and daily routine from time to time. Therefore you must carefully consider your purposes, direction and actions especially during the first six months of this year. Be ready with an alternate plan when matters do not progress the way you want them to.

It is also easy for you this year to stray from your original career purpose if your goals are not clearly defined. The most important months on the career side will be from 11th June to 31st December when Jupiter moves in to Gemini, your sector of credits, loans, insurance, banks and other people’s money. During this cycle your expenses will be higher and you determination to budget will be stronger. Care should be exercised throughout the year, especially in the months of February, March and June; what you originally set out to do may never materialise, or you may wish to take an alternative route to achieve work satisfaction after this cycle. Use objective feedback from others and keep yourself well-grounded and focused on business or career goals throughout this year to avoid any flaws.

Fortunately, lucky Jupiter in Taurus and Gemini throughout 2022 will certainly assist you if you wish to make new beginnings, or alter your present course. Business dealings, career changes and achievements imply an easy flow of opportunity and advancement in the career arena after July. The harder you have worked for your success in the past, the greater the opportunity for advancement during this yearly cycle. If you have done little to foster your own success in the past, you may still advance, but are more likely to be at the beginning of a professional climb and will not be able to go as far as those who have put in loads of effort and are better prepared. Regardless of your position, the chance for advancement can materialise with a lot of hard work on your part.

With Jupiter moving from your team sector to your individual sector, opportunities may specifically relate to a new field of interest where you are your own boss. Career manoeuvres can be made easily this year and moving into a new career arena will be so easy that one only realises the transition in hindsight. In July and August, little or no effort will needed to acquire a new job; you could be at the right place at the right time. You may also be released from a difficult employment situation. Your financial situation should improve greatly between October and December. If you are unhappy with your present position, this is an excellent year to change jobs or careers and go for the big dollars: don’t undersell your abilities.

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