Horoscope Virgo 2022

Predictions Virgo 2022

Romance and Friendship

Venus will form some interesting planetary patterns throughout this year, especially when it creates a dynamic and positive combination with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in the first six months of this year. Some adverse aspects are indicated in the months of April, June, August and November, however they should not be too serious. Your emotions will be intense and spontaneous and you won’t restrain yourself from expressing them. Overall this will be a year of pleasure, and you will enjoy each place and each moment. Your disposition will be happy and enthusiastic. However, you could also be more self-willed. You will impress others with your confident attitude and the trust in yourself that you will transmit to others. You could develop a greater sense of fairness and will become very protective of your loved ones during this time. You will also show a great aptitude for organising and directing others.
An intriguing situation may arise concerning your partner or a loved one and throw you into confusion or amazement during these months or you may encounter some relationship changes with friends or associates. Watch for the unusual or unexpected where love and relationships are concerned throughout 2022; you may find yourself playing cat and mouse with your own or other people’s emotions. Someone may be very generous to you and shower you with gifts and pleasures between January, February and March as Venus will form a lovely relationship with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto at this time. Love will be very enjoyable to you and will help dispel the bad taste of anything nasty in your material or emotional world. Family matters should be calm and tranquil during this cycle, giving you a much happier emotional time.
For singles, a special relationship may be just what you’re looking for, one that allows you all the freedom you want, while supplying the emotional security you crave when you need it. Remember, though, that wanting to have your cake and eat it too may prove costly emotionally. This is not your year to be openly aggressive or angry; as arguments could backfire and cause you trouble. Always check your temper and bite your tongue before you speak, ignoring even offensive remarks from others. You may still feel angry, but you are less likely to express your anger openly and will not be as argumentative as you have been in the past. If you do not correctly understand your responses and your situation, pent-up emotions could cause you to feel very stressed and irritable. Unfortunately, this year you may have to face reality and take a good look at what you have and why.
An old friend or neighbour may come forward now to assist you with an important issue that may require a major long-term decision from you about your personal feelings. Relationships at times throughout 2022 will be a little touch and go especially in April and July, so don’t be confused with trivial matters, stick to the vital and important, that way the emotional road will be easier. Honesty and sincerity will go a long way to investing in a good long-term relationship this year and with Uranus in Aries this year, some singles may be attracted to someone from a different background, culture or with an age difference. This is also a year when some may decide to settle down, marry and raise a family. 2022 is a year to look for stability in your emotional relationships. A happier home life with a better emotional understanding can be established by you and your partner throughout this year of attainment.

Career and Work

Uranus, planet of sudden and positive change, will continue to transit the sign of Aries, your sector of incomes, personal finances, rewards and financial satisfaction. For many, you can expect a positive job or career change during this year or improvement in your present working conditions, especially during the first six months of 2022 when Mars peaks in your sector of worldly goals and career achievements. Career changes could be either self-initiated or beyond your control throughout 2022. Temporary working positions or breaks in employment are also possible and if you are presently working for someone other than yourself and are dissatisfied with your job, this is the year to investigate and apply for a new placement. You may change companies entirely, or simply transfer to another office or depot with greater responsibility under your present employer.
If you maintain your old job, changes in your daily routine are likely and may involve relocation of the office, temporary change of duty station, travel, a new office or work procedures, or the installation of new computer equipment. During this period of transition, simple procedures may become very complicated and normal operations could be disrupted. In very negative situations, especially those involving conflict, dismissals may occur, or union disputes could bring work to a standstill. Mars will boost your energy levels at the workplace and your flag of social injustice may also fly if bosses try to control you. Trying to stay at the same job doing the same thing in the same way will create much stress for you during this period and you may decide to make several changes and delegate some of your workload to alleviate the stress factor. This is also true if you own your own business; you should be contemplating adjustments that will eventually lead to a more efficiently running business.
From April to August peaceful Venus will transit Gemini and may ease any pain or stress your workplace has created. This is also a wonderful time for interviews, negotiations and complete career changes. You should also push every opportunity you can during September to November. For most of this year, your physical and emotional well-being will be directly tied into your job situation and should be watched carefully, especially during times of stress. Learn relaxation techniques and use them to rid your body of tension at the end of the day. Do not bring work or other problems home with you. You need your free time for recuperation. Cut back on caffeine drinks and take stress-preventative vitamins when necessary. Most importantly, correct those job situations that are the most stressful.
If you are comfortable with your present position and have always been a hard worker, you may be asked to take on more responsibility at this time. There is definitely promotional, managerial or supervisory positions on offer throughout 2022. A few can expect to either lose their job or give up their present position and move on to a more secure position with opportunities for greater advancement. For some individuals, especially for those who are older, 2022 signals retirement or leaving the job market entirely with a nice financial package. For career mothers, choices focus on quitting work to raise children or continuing work while juggling two demanding schedules. One thing is for sure, with Jupiter in the sign of Gemini from June onward, if you have clearly defined personal and professional goals and set in place your career direction this year, you need not worry about your future security; it will be guaranteed throughout the next few years.

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